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  1. Hi Danny,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Hyperlinked Library. I like your idea of the Three P’s. This plan helps libraries be accountable for the services they provide and evaluate their work to see if a service is particularly successful or requires improvement.

    1. You’re welcome! When we can reflect on all the teachings in this class is where we see the great value in what Michael’s presenting to us. A future is waiting for us in this field!

  2. Hi Danny,
    I really enjoyed this and you really did a good job on summarizing your experiences in this class. I especially liked the concepts of library branding and not being married to any one social media platform. You are right, things are constantly changing and new platforms are evolving. I may now have to read the book Curation Nation now. It sounds like it has some great content that is highly relevant to modern libraries and librarians.

  3. @dandiggity I really enjoyed your virtual symposium! I thought you did an excellent job synthesizing so much of what we’ve learned in this class! There was really so many takeaways it’s hard to compact it all. Your slides also look very cool 🙂


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