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Virtual Symposium: Getting the Word Out in a Hyperlinked World

When the county I work for opened a new library last December, I became the “social media manager” for our small branch. The library already had a Facebook page, but the new director wanted us to give the new library more exposure, so we added Instagram as well. I dove in, taking on a role I hadn’t expected or been trained for, but I found myself really enjoying it!

Remarkable things are defined as unusual, extraordinary, or worthy of notice or attention. Something can be remarkable because it is novel, surprising, extreme, or just plain interesting. But the most important aspect of remarkable things is that they are worthy of remark.

Jonah Berger, Contagious (2013)

For example, this weekend I posted a photograph of a snowy mountain, which is not very remarkable unless you live in southern California and the desert! On our page, we received 24+ likes in a few hours (good for a small library) but the post also got picked up by the county feed and within a few more hours, we had 450 likes and 685 likes the next day (and still climbing). In other words, by linking to the county’s feed, I boosted our exposure over 300 times! Just one example of the power of social networking in a hyperlinked world.

Another benefit of posting so many photos and videos on instagram has been that later we have lots of documentation of what we have been doing at the library–for branch reports, grants, performance evaluations, impact stories and more. So one photo ends up having multiple purposes (even if you didn’t plan it that way). In the Library 2.0 world, an image is malleable and adaptable–both in use value and artistry and yes, I use filters and cropping all the time!

When trying to generate word of mouth, many people forget one important detail. They focus so much on getting people to talk thatchy ignore the part that really matters: what people are talking about.

Jonah Berger, Contagious (2013)

With so many inexpensive (mostly free) tools to create strong messaging and stories, libraries can only become more and more popular in the next few years. Therefore, embracing a participatory service model means finding ways to connect with patrons, bringing them into the library, and broadcasting how much fun we are having in this “new” library space. If patrons do not know about all the wonderful things you are doing, they miss out! I realize now that a Hyperlinked librarian must be able to deliver a consistent and relatable message that keeps people wanting to visit and return again and again.

Photo Montage

It just so happens that our first anniversary of the new branch is today! The timing was perfect for the class! Creating the video montage was super easy using Animoto, and I could easily upload the photos I took and posted on Instagram.

Thank you Everyone!

I really enjoyed reading everyone’s reflections and comments to posts. If you visit the Anza-Borrego desert, please stop by the Borrego Springs Library–we always enjoy introducing people to our lovely desert community.

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3 thoughts on “Virtual Symposium: Getting the Word Out in a Hyperlinked World

  1. Sarah Ayers

    It’s amazing to get assigned something just because you happen to have an account! I think it’s very evident how you’ve been successful in creating a meaningful social media account for your library and even gone viral! That’s a great achievement. I know I’ve become a big fan of Instagram in the past few years and I’ve become interested in seeing how different libraries are successful in using the platform.

    1. Cristin Marie Post author

      Hi Sarah,
      I just added a video to my previous post because I was asked to put together a video photo montage for our anniversary party tomorrow. It was good timing for the class! So I was able to use the Instagram photos again…In the post I mention the app I used in case your interested 🙂

      1. Sarah Ayers

        What a great addition to an anniversary celebration! It’s great that you were able to compile such a great snapshot of the first year.

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