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Director’s Brief: Enhanced Library “Cool Zone”

Photo Credit: SDG&E

Objective: To create an after-hours, enhanced library “Cool Zone” in Borrego Springs (San Diego County Library) for summer months when daily temperatures average 110 degrees.

4 thoughts on “Director’s Brief: Enhanced Library “Cool Zone”

  1. Tiffany Song

    Hi Cristin Marie,

    Honestly, I was intrigued just by the objective you have alone. Although the midwest is not as hot as the west coast, I travel quite a bit to see family in Taiwan, in which 60 degrees is considered cold and temperatures are at least 110 Fahrenheit and above with a nasty addition of humidity. I’m fortunate the summers in the US are mild in comparison but nonetheless, it would be wonderful for more libraries to take note of the weather and create relaxing ‘safe zones’ for the patrons who want to be able to relax and enjoy what they’re reading or doing.

    I really liked knowing that you were making full use of the summer hours, minimal staffing during the summer, and the self check out technology that helps make things easier. I’m honestly excited for this to spread throughout the US.

    1. Cristin Marie Post author

      When I first learned about all the automated technology at the new branch I was a little hesitant…I was worried that the services would become less personal. But after this class, especially, I am realizing that automation does not equate to “impersonal” but we need to be creative and think outside the box…If you are ever in the East San Diego, stop by and say hello! I really enjoyed reading your posts and comments, it was nice to learn together.

  2. Esther

    Hi Cristin Marie,

    I really liked how you developed an additional service based on the platform that your library already uses. Your plan points out great arguments for its implementation. It is financially smart, provides a solution for a problem that the entire community faces, and most importantly, puts people first caring about their well-being. I know that I would certainly opt to go to the library in the evening to escape the heat rather than a mall.

  3. Melina Dabney

    I really liked how you emphasized the concept of “complement, not replace” to drive home this type of service. So many people think that library staff members will become extinct if we start introducing automated services, which is not the case. I think that explaining automated service as a “compliment” to the services the library already provides will put people at ease and encourage libraries to try new things!

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