Virtual Symposium 3-2-1 Presentation

For my symposium entry, I used Prezi video to make a 3-2-1 presentation describing a-ha moments, things I want to learn more about and something that I am going to do now. The first link is for just the slideshow, the second link is for the video presentation, and the third thing is the script for the video. I apologize for the weird ringing sound in the background of the video. I am not sure what happened with that.

2 thoughts on “Virtual Symposium 3-2-1 Presentation

  1. Hi Jennifer, I liked your presentation. I haven’t used prezi before either, but I might check it out now! I loved that map feature, it looks really sharp. The part of your presentation where you discuss museums is so true. I loved the museum in Santa Cruz covered in that lecture, and I wish the world was open and safe so I could check out more museums like that. As a kid, I HATED museums because I felt they were horribly boring to look at an artifact or painting and then stand there for ten minutes while my parents read the card for every single piece. As a child it was quite painful. Now, though, with the revolution of participatory services in museums, perhaps more of them will be kid-friendly throughout.

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