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    What are y’all reading? Can you even focus on reading? I’m having a hard time, but I’m currently in the middle of _The Betrayals_ by Bridget Collins. Annnnnddddd I have no idea how I feel about it lol.

    • @spoerk I feel you! The MLIS program requires so much reading. I have been looking through photography and art books. Right now, I have been looking through David Hilliard’s Photographs []

    • @spoerk I have had trouble focusing for months! I do okay with news bits and magazines on my iPad but my summer seems to have slipped away without the stack of books I wanted to get through. Tons of podcasts though!

    • @spoerk I agree with everyone else! I found that I am a bit of a night owl when it comes to schoolwork and tend to stay up a bit too late. Sometimes it can’t be helped but last year I would set a hard bedtime for myself with a half-hour to an hour worked in to wind down. I would set an alarm and read for pleasure even if it was just for 10 to 15 minutes! Making it smaller instead of feeling like I had to sit and read for hours (even if I wanted to…) made it attainable. It takes me longer to read a book but I enjoy the special treat, and it gets my eyes off a screen~ Right now I am in the middle of Libertie

    • @spoerk Soooo hard to focus. It’s a struggle. I am happy though that one of the books in my To Read pile was one that I could use for the Context Book Report. Yay!

      Also @michael Woah — okay — that library director in Indiana really said “you don’t need to disturb me” to you? That is terrible — I am sorry that happened to you back in the day and I will never forget this story! Holy Crow that’s mean…