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    This week’s been rough. So I have been finding solace in Very Scary People narrated by Mark Whalberg. LOL. Just watched a two part episode about the Amityville Horror house. Interesting history!

    • @roseholck Two things: I hope things are better. & Where is Very Scary People available? I was all about Amityville when there book came out. Amazing to catch up on all the “it was a hoax” details these days.

      • @michael Oh, nothing bad — just completely overwhelmed with back to school. All our students are back and it’s almost like starting over since they were remote learning for the last year and a half. Staff is very needy as well. I feel like there aren’t enough minutes in my day.

        So, Very Scary People is on the HLN (Headline News Network), but I found it on HBO Max and the current season I found on my cable provider’s streaming service.