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    Have an Amazing time, Michael!

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    Yes. Meeting Michael Casey was a treat, and the topic of the environments being developed in his libraries reinforced what we are learning. I also found the emerging challenges libraries are facing very interesting – an added bonus.

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    I appreciated the focus on the fundamentals. A good way to get things going. 😊.

  • Hyperlinked Communities in my local view – A Reflection Reflecting upon this module about Hyperlinked Communities, I found it difficult not to consider my local public library.  […]

    • Hi Aaron,

      Your connection between this class and other previous MLIS courses is something that echoes my own experience. While reading and watching this course’s materials I find myself reflecting back on the teen services courses and academic librarianship courses I have taken previously. What you mention about simple changes, like lighting and the physical space of libraries, is so important and so often overlooked. It’s amazing to me that there appears to be so little concern for how patrons feel about a space when they enter a library. For a previous course I took I spent a ton of time analyzing my local libraries’ teen spaces. They were minimal and dismal with a few bleak and disorganized shelves, no seating, and horrible fluorescent lighting. It was almost hostile and seemed to give a clear message of “teens not very welcome.” It would be a fun exercise to bring an interior designer into a library and just see what recommendations they would make to make spaces seem more welcoming. Lighting seems like an easy, accessible, and impactful place to start.

      I enjoyed reading your reflection–thanks for your post!


    • @aarontassin Ahhhhh…echoes of INFO 200! I appreciate your thoughts from the director’s hat — especially lighting and overall user experience!

    • Hi Aaron,
      I appreciate you being critical of your local library. I think it is helpful to read the material and be able to think of our work or our experience. For a lot of the reading in this class, I reflect on my own library and the library I grew up with. My overarching goal in this work is to create the library I wish I had as a kid because I did not like mine. I think this is how we grow, evolve and change. It is not a bad thing, it is a helpful thing because it shows we are evolving, not settling, and changing. If everything we encounter is positive and good, what is the point of diving in?
      The ending of your post stuck out to me: So, my progression of thought begins. Blending my previous experience with my local library with a new and expanding understanding of creating library spaces supportive of the whole community and the whole person, where everyone is welcome. A value-added approach envisioning library services where everything we do is done with heart.
      You are going to create a library from a different experience and you are most definitely going to create a library for tomorrow from the heart. Thank you for your inspiration.

  • Sounds like a piece out of our Innovation Strategy & Roadmap assignment > “This is a new position and requires the individual selected to plan, develop, and create the implementation plan for the Creative Space including purchasing equipment and engaging staff and the community to design the space.”

    Wow, Library 2.0 foundational stuff > “Se…[Read more]

  • I also had to figure this out, then made a note to myself. Try this >

    Embed video into Blog

    Select place in post
    Click Add Media button at upper left
    Select “Insert from URL”
    Paste the video’s URL. Not embed code.
    Video appears
    Click blue “Insert into post” button at lower right

  • Hi Zoe. I really liked your Vlog presentation. You inspired me to do the same thing in my upcoming posts. I knew a little about BookTok, but you’ve taught me more. I am especially encouraged by BookTok’s reach to young readers, its impact on libraries, and how libraries can help promote content for all BookTok content creators. Thank you for…[Read more]

  • Yes! Actually, making those changes was the second part of this two-part assignment (in INFO 275, with Dr. Rebmann – amazing class and professor 😊). I, of course, couldn’t rearrange the library…but I could devise a way to centralize information from the collection virtually. I created a LibGuide (linked here > htt…[Read more]

  • Loved this post Kathrina. And thank you for your years of service to our students and young people. I remember librarians who had an impression on me, and I’m sure you are that person to others 😊.

    This subject of Genrefying Subjects is super interesting and speaks to the Library user experience for many different sorts of information seekers.…[Read more]

  • The Family History Library, a Case Example of Participatory Library Design. Reviewing the rich depth of interesting foundational readings in my Hyperlinked Library course, I found my thoughts relating […]

    • Hi Aaron,
      I still feel like I have to be quiet when I walk into a library. The Discovery Center sounds fascinating! We have a small genealogical library in my county but nothing of that caliber. What a great example of a participatory library.

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    Perfect. Thanks. Last semester I was working with IMLS statistics and wondered how some of this works.

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    In the Instagram post, the statistic of 358,225 visits in Fiscal Year 2022 is mentioned. How is this data normally captured? Are actual counts automated at the door? I’ve been wondering about this.

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    Yes, here the post actually mentions the two elements of “positive attitude” and “consistency.” When in use the building itself seems to smile. A welcoming positive vibe emits.

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    Very cool! Neat that this person recognized the library as a safe place, reaching back to his childhood days as a “library kid.” The flip side could involve just one library member filling the anticipated sort of approach immediately assumed. Good for this library and its staff. The power of positive vibes!

  • Super interesting! I knew the profession’s position, but always wondered about challenges and redress. I am not surprised there are policies and forms at the ready. Always learning :).

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    Yes! You’re right Naomi. I need to update my MySpace profile :).

    I found the Michael Buckland readings the most interesting in this regard. In fact, I took a detour and read his iconic Information as Thing paper, all the time framing this 1990s perspective with the present. Wow! Consider today’s Hathi Trust. Amazing. It looks like…[Read more]

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    Hi Pam. Nice to meet you. Nope, not from Oregon, but my doggie daughter and I enjoy camping along the coast in Oregon. Much more open – and dog-friendly – compared to California, where we live. Monroe is a Lab and Cattle Dog mix. She is 100% princess!

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