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Mindful & Reflective

on December 5, 2020

It seems quite appropriate that we have a module towards the end of the semester about mindfulness and reflective thinking. Personally, it got me contemplating on topics like professionalism, self-care, what I have learned thus far and where I am headed. The social media tips for professionals were quite helpful for me.  I made some changes to my LinkedIn page this past semester and started shifting towards my LIS career. This week I noticed that my Fitbit app had a mindfulness component that I didn’t really notice before. Luckily it makes suggestions to me about trying new features. Now that I am aware, I will have to try it. I was feeling pretty stressed out the past few weeks and decided to go to one of my favorite rock collecting places by the beach. It allows me to totally immerse myself in nature and exercise. My mind was able to daydream a bit, clear my mind and look for interesting rocks. I slept so peacefully that night which I haven’t been able to do for weeks. The past couple of years I been finding naturally made heart shaped rocks. I thought it would be fitting to share with this class. As I go forward, I need to keep this curious/treasure hunting spirit intertwined with my lifelong learning, emerging technologies and professional practice. The heart shaped rocks will be my physical reminder of that spirit as well as to be mindful of empathy.

I feel like I have built upon my blogging skills from Info 200 class. I find the class/student blogs still to be a little overwhelming with the amount of information to digest and following than in the Canvas portal. However, I am more fluent in Canvas than WordPress. Overtime I think I will be more skilled at WordPress/blogging.   However, I really enjoyed how visual and creative this blog platform is compared to canvas. It’s a testament on how creative my classmates are and a great communication tool for Dr. Stephens.

This whole ‘school’ process has been a giant experiment. It has been some time since I have been back in school and had to develop a whole new approach. Trying out different tools to help with learning, organizing and digesting information. Each semester is a process of fine tuning and weeding out as I get ready for the next semester, ePortfolio and ultimately my new career. Thank you all for enhancing my learning experience with your thoughtful comments and posts. Good luck to you all.

Photo: Screen captures of my Fitbit app & my favs

2 Responses to “Mindful & Reflective”

  1. Jennie Tobler-Gaston says:

    Hi Christine –
    I enjoyed reading your blog. I did want to share a mindful practice I started to do when I get stressed out – it is the three 3s – so you stop identify three things you hear, then three things you feel, and then three things you see. For example right now I heard the traffic on the street, the hum of our space heater, and and typing on the key board; I feel the heat from the heater, the soft carpet under my bare feet, and the coolness of my laptop; I see the cloudy grey sky, the wind moving the trees, and cars leaving the parking lot of the church across the street. The point of the exercise is to be in the moment – some of the tasks take you to actually focus on the sensation.
    Thanks for sharing – Jennie

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