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Director’s Brief: Personal Digital Archiving

on November 28, 2020

I was really moved by the power of stories module. Dr. Stephens asked us to think about what professional role or activities we would like to do within a library setting. I am very interested in archiving and preservation. I was curious as to how I would go about teaching such practices to the public. The public creates a vast amount of digital born content every day without the understanding how that digital content is at risk, how to organize it and make accessible for future use. By archiving one’s digital files, it can be a powerful aid to serve multiple scenarios such as activism, cultural preservation, historical reference to name a few.

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  1. sarahcollins says:

    Hi Christine,
    Your Director’s Brief layout was very nice. I liked how you included information from LC about how to archive digital things. This is very helpful to individuals who want to save their digital content. Great job!

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