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CYOA Infinite Learning

on November 21, 2020
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All three adventures sounded interesting, so I started out by viewing all the lectures for this module to get a better idea before choosing. From there I started viewing the materials in Learning is Everywhere and Professional Learning Experiences. As usual I got side-tracked with online searching and reading.

My 3/2/1 ideas from this module

1 [website – hacklibraryschool.com] I stumbled upon this site by accident and thought I had a really cool blog to report back to the class about that @michael maybe hadn’t seen. Foolish me!!! I later found it buried in module 11. A favorite from that site: Ever Heard of a Liberian who hates to read? OR What I have learned in Library school so far.

2 [Professional Development elements: Play & Trial n Error] Out of the three leaning personas Dr. Stephens mentioned in his video lecture, I’m a curious introvert who is an auditory learner and not a fan of reading. I have to push myself a lot to keep up with the reading for this program. I have played around with some different technologies to help in this area. This semester I started using a chrome extension called NaturalReader which has help tremendously. I highly recommend it. It will read out loud web pages as well as PDF’s. Which has been challenging for my Read&Write software. Play has been quite helpful with my learning process. Every time I have to learn a new ‘thing’ there is always an element of play as well as trial and error that accompanies it. It is a motivational factor that helps me get through it and learn faster.

3 [concepts: Internet of Things, Learning 2.0 and 23 Things] As I read about Learning 2.0, the discovery exercises, play and self-directed learning reminded me a lot of this class. Well…most of SJSU online class structure. Sadly, in my past class readings I have seen these three concepts but really didn’t have a clear understanding until this module. I made light assumptions and moved past them instead of taking the time to understand them fully.  It reminded me of a recent blog post which had advice about grad school tricks where they suggested using a simple tool such as YouTube for quick clarification.

It was interesting seeing the PLCMC 23 things and comparing it to the newer versions Rudai 23, CSU, MLA. I was very curious to see what they deemed worthy technologies, what I knew and didn’t know. SO MUCH information! Learning about digital badges was very reminiscent of my time in the girl scouts. It got me thinking of what digital badges we could come up for this class. I think I might explore this further for the virtual symposium. Also, I have been wondering how to organize my bookmarks. CSU recommended Diigo and Noodle Tools which I have never heard of. Diigo sounds perfect for me since I use multiple computers. Noodle tools looks more appropriate for a research project. What do you guys use for organizing your bookmarks?

4 Responses to “CYOA Infinite Learning”

  1. Loving the 3-2-1 format!!


    I’m a curious introvert who is an auditory learner and not a fan of reading.

    That’s me too. I read a lot, but I seem too take more to heart/brain if I hear it!

    • Christine Caldwell says:

      The 321 made it a little easier to consolidate some of the ideas digested. That was a big module. Thanks for suggesting it.
      I hear yah, no pun intended 🙂
      Thanks for sharing. -cmc

  2. Stratos Xanthus says:

    Hi Christine,

    I enjoyed reading your 3-2-1 Blog. I will have to check out NaturalReader. It sounds like a dream come true!

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