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Symposium Post – Flybrary


One of the things I most enjoyed about this class was all the examples of different libraries/programs/services/projects/ideas. I was not expecting them to be so creatively based and inspiring.

As I researched my director’s brief I came across an art installation that hosted a human library at burning man last year. I have been so excited to share this with the class. When I went back to find the website I saw that there where other projects also associated with this term as well. I thought it would be interesting to share them with you as they relate to hyperlinked library.

I decided to try out Glogster for this project. To be able to create a visually link presentation enticed me as well as the 7 day trial. It was a little clunky to work with and I kept getting error messages. I’m not sure if it was me or the software? I hope this opens for you! I did a quick screen capture just in case. Once the presentation opens in another tab, be patient it’s a little slow to load. Use your mouse to hover over an object and it will indicate if there is a link. Click on the items that interest you the most to learn more. [CYOA]


Director’s Brief: Personal Digital Archiving

I was really moved by the power of stories module. Dr. Stephens asked us to think about what professional role or activities we would like to do within a library setting. I am very interested in archiving and preservation. I was curious as to how I would go about teaching such practices to the public. The public creates a vast amount of digital born content every day without the understanding how that digital content is at risk, how to organize it and make accessible for future use. By archiving one’s digital files, it can be a powerful aid to serve multiple scenarios such as activism, cultural preservation, historical reference to name a few.

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CYOA Infinite Learning

Copyright free illustration from Pixabay.com

All three adventures sounded interesting, so I started out by viewing all the lectures for this module to get a better idea before choosing. From there I started viewing the materials in Learning is Everywhere and Professional Learning Experiences. As usual I got side-tracked with online searching and reading.

My 3/2/1 ideas from this module

1 [website – hacklibraryschool.com] I stumbled upon this site by accident and thought I had a really cool blog to report back to the class about that @michael maybe hadn’t seen. Foolish me!!! I later found it buried in module 11. A favorite from that site: Ever Heard of a Liberian who hates to read? OR What I have learned in Library school so far.

2 [Professional Development elements: Play & Trial n Error] Out of the three leaning personas Dr. Stephens mentioned in his video lecture, I’m a curious introvert who is an auditory learner and not a fan of reading. I have to push myself a lot to keep up with the reading for this program. I have played around with some different technologies to help in this area. This semester I started using a chrome extension called NaturalReader which has help tremendously. I highly recommend it. It will read out loud web pages as well as PDF’s. Which has been challenging for my Read&Write software. Play has been quite helpful with my learning process. Every time I have to learn a new ‘thing’ there is always an element of play as well as trial and error that accompanies it. It is a motivational factor that helps me get through it and learn faster.

3 [concepts: Internet of Things, Learning 2.0 and 23 Things] As I read about Learning 2.0, the discovery exercises, play and self-directed learning reminded me a lot of this class. Well…most of SJSU online class structure. Sadly, in my past class readings I have seen these three concepts but really didn’t have a clear understanding until this module. I made light assumptions and moved past them instead of taking the time to understand them fully.  It reminded me of a recent blog post which had advice about grad school tricks where they suggested using a simple tool such as YouTube for quick clarification.

It was interesting seeing the PLCMC 23 things and comparing it to the newer versions Rudai 23, CSU, MLA. I was very curious to see what they deemed worthy technologies, what I knew and didn’t know. SO MUCH information! Learning about digital badges was very reminiscent of my time in the girl scouts. It got me thinking of what digital badges we could come up for this class. I think I might explore this further for the virtual symposium. Also, I have been wondering how to organize my bookmarks. CSU recommended Diigo and Noodle Tools which I have never heard of. Diigo sounds perfect for me since I use multiple computers. Noodle tools looks more appropriate for a research project. What do you guys use for organizing your bookmarks?


Our Social Dilemma

The past few weeks I have been thinking about the digital divide and privacy as I have been reading through the module. The IFLA trend report, OCLC IoT article, and watching The Social Dilemma on Netflix were really eye opening to me. I thought this would be a great place to start the conversation.

One of the reasons I use Facebook is to keep in touch with my estranged family on my father’s side who are spread out in several states and time zones from me.  My grandmother is my glue and conduit to my family. Though I have longed feared that I would casually find out something devastating about her health on their feed instead of receiving a phone call. This social media platform seemed like a worth wild tool however it is costing me my privacy, attention and time. I am very concerned about this collection of data and manipulation. Libraries are using social media to connect and inform their users. “These are important issues for us in the profession, and we need to make sure that we are both educating our users about what’s happening in the wider world and being good stewards of our own data.” (Ken Varnum, Web Systems Manager, University of Michigan Library) I am starting to rethink my involvement with social media however this becomes difficult because so many business, groups and individuals use these platforms to get out their information. I even feel pressure for the future of my librarianship to join twitter. Even in these CoVid times, you can’t rely on the up-to-date information from a website. Most businesses direct you to their social media platform of choice for current info.

I am starting to empathize with my parent’s frustration as the world becomes more digitally based and phone app dominant to do simple things in your life. For example, my mother no longer has a CD player in her car. I had to help her digitize her music, download it to her phone, download a music app because she doesn’t have an iPhone, open the app to play it, test and train her on how to use. I have become my parent’s IT department! I can see that the library is a valuable service to the older generation in this regard and the concern for the have and have nots with technology and access.


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