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Mod 6 Hyperlinked Environments CYOA -M.G.A.

on October 4, 2020

I looked through all the adventures a bit this week just to see what was in there. I am most interested in the Museums/Galleries/Archives portion.  It provided a lot of examples of different technology and participatory programs that are currently out there. A few that resonated with me were the art creating programs for the visitors like at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. They had some success and failures. The ones that succeeded engaged the audience and supported learning about the themes associated with the paired exhibited as well as improved perception of the institution. They hosted a contest as well as projected visitor created artwork on site and online. Through Facebook, visitors could share their creations, exchange comments and boost awareness of the exhibit.

F64 Exhibit photo booth at The Autry

It made me think back to a visit to the Autry Museum many moons ago. [The Autry Museum is dedicated to art and culture of the Western genre] It was our second date; my boyfriend and I went to an exhibit about the F64 photography group. It was a perfect place for our second date.  It was a safe, neutral and interactive environment where we both had common interests. We gained a little knowledge about each other as well as the exhibited work.  The museum provided a photo booth alongside with the exhibit. There was a large mural photograph of Yosemite in the background.  I believe it was a photo contest, but you could share your photo on Facebook and/or text/email it to yourself.  I didn’t share it to to my Facebook page but sent it to each of us. I don’t remember much about the photographic work from that day, but I have a lovely memory of our visit to the museum that I am now sharing with you and raising the awareness and perception of that museum from a simple photo taken. One of my takeaways from this week’s module, the power of artistic creation combined with the use of technological tools can provide transformative experiences for the visitors and institutions.

Facebook Posting of photo booth

The Cleveland Art Museum is using some innovative technology with the museum & collection. Here is a short video preview. I was really impressed with this museum as well.

The photo Wall, a 40 ft electronic touch screen display of the collection.

3D imagery of artifacts that you can control the view you want.

Art Lens AI, Share your view, Submit snapshot and the AI will find the closest match in their collection, share with friends.

I don’t know about your adventures and I look forward to reading about them but mine took me down many rabbit holes. It took me forever to finish the things to explore. There was an article about the Knight Foundation funding different technology projects within museums. With these additional funds it allows museums to take risks and bring gallery experiences to new levels. Which if successful could be adopted by other museums as a turnkey program/service. I have heard of the Knight Foundation but wasn’t fully aware of their philanthropic grants. As I explored their website, I found my way to a zoom interview about building equitable public spaces in the COVID era. They were talking about parks however they touched upon many of the same subjects we have discussed over the past weeks. [access, funding, budget cuts, partnerships, program development, public interaction, community] I think Libraries need to think about the space outside around the library as much as inside the library especially since the inside is closed. There is an opportunity for a partnership with parks & services as we proceed forward with COVID. This is something I’m thinking about exploring for our next assignment. To be continued…

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  1. I heart the story you shared about your second date. It speaks to what museums can be and what they can do for the folks who visit. 🙂

    • Christine Caldwell says:

      Hi @Michael,
      I agree but the Autry and other museums need to work on be being more inclusive and accessible. That was my first visit out of two total and I have lived in LA for thirty years now. I can’t remember how much it was but I remember it being expensive to visit even though both experiences were wonderful. -cmc

  2. Ciera Pasturel says:

    Hi Christine,

    Thank you for sharing your positive date experience at The Autry Museum. Some museums in my area that are generally geared towards families have “museum after dark” nights that are great for young adults. I also liked the exhibits that you linked to at the end of your post. The ArtLens Wall at The Cleveland Museum of Art (https://www.clevelandart.org/artlens-gallery/artlens-wall) seems like so much fun, while also incredibly useful!


    • Christine Caldwell says:

      HI Ciera @cierapasturel,
      Thanks for sharing. Yes, our Natural History Mus. has an after dark program too. It sounds wonderful for the kids. I am almost a little jealous.
      Yes, Cleveland Mus. is doing some wonderful things. It makes me want to visit in person! –cmc

      • Ciera Pasturel says:

        @cmcaldwell That’s so cool! Something about going to a museum “after hours” always fosters extra excitement. I too would love to check out the Cleaveland Museum of Art.

  3. Kimberley says:

    Christine, reading about your personal interaction with the museum is great! Those other links you provided are wonderful to play around with; I wish I had a museum near me that did this sort of thing!
    And thanks you for mentioning the Knight Foundation. I’m taking a grant writing class and I’ll take any opportunity to find a possible funder!
    Great post!

    • Christine Caldwell says:

      Hi @mybluecastle Kimberly,
      Thank you for checking out my post and I so glad you are more familiar with the Knight Foundation. Good luck with the grant writing class, it will be so beneficial. I read a book for helping artists obtain grants which in turn helped me win a professional development grant to attend a portfolio review in Chicago. It’s all about the practice, following their requirements and guidelines to the T as well as building upon grant after grant. Once you win one it will help you gain others because the committee will now view you as valuable applicant since you convinced another grant committee to invest in you. -cmc

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