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Evolutionary Time of Change

on September 7, 2020

WK3 Reflection#1

The past few weeks reading was definitely crossing the streams of a few past classes with the current. The Library 2.0 document in particular reminded me of Dr. Alman’s class where we learned about change management and strategic planning. As well as the digital assets management [DAM] class on how to implement a DAM system. There was much discussion about getting everyone on board and having stakeholders from different departments and associated with the project. The Library 2.0 broke down the hierarchical structure from approval to implementation felt a little exhausting by the time they got to the front-line staff. I don’t work in a library but much of the business practices discussed could crossover to my current job and I found myself relating back and forth.

Another interesting term that was new to me was ‘The Long Tail’. I was trying to get my brain into this mindset and it wasn’t easy. I would relate it back to my current job and think about how we could bring in non-users to hopefully jump start the process. I think I would work better brainstorming with a team for this type of assignment than solo.

I also had some random questions running through my mind during the readings as well. I wonder how our current existence will affect this younger generation regarding change? Will they be more adaptive and open to it in the future as adults? Will this period of change jolt the complacent library staff members into a new mindset? I would imagine there will be such a reevaluation of existing library services once the libraries open up to normal operations.

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  1. You ask some good questions at the end. I would venture to say that today’s young people will be ver resilient as adults. They also will probably be strong-principled and not put up with “old school” style shenanigans.

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