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CMC Intro

on August 24, 2020

Hello INFO 287!

Since we write so much and I am a visual person. I thought I would do a quick video for my introduction. I have been listening to Fleetwood Mac’s Don’t Stop lately and feeling very appreciative of my life. Spent many hours reflecting on what I have taken for granted and the things we use to do.


It’s about 3 mins long. When it loads, please use the expand screen arrows in the lower right corner.

I look forward to reading everyone’s blog this semester.


11 Responses to “CMC Intro”

  1. Jodi says:

    Hi, Christine! I enjoyed meeting you through your video! I can relate to your gardening segment. I live in a city and have a plot in the community garden. My favorite time of day is when I am working in the garden and watering the plants. Our garden is next to a children’s playground, so even though there are a lot fewer children this summer, it is pleasant to hear them playing while I garden. I grew asparagus, tomatoes, green beans, carrots, and kale. And I have an herb garden on my balcony. I hope you have a great semester! Jodi

    • Christine Caldwell says:

      Hi Jodi,
      Thanks for watching my video. Looking at your time stamp of your reply you seem like a night owl, me too. I completely understand about our shared gardening vibe. We haven’t had much success with leafy green yet. We are hoping it will be one our winter crops. Asparagus…love eating them. Are they hard to grow?

  2. Kay Wolverton Ito says:

    Great intro, Christine! I toyed with the idea of a video intro but didn’t follow through. You’ve inspired me to do something for a subsequent post. How cool that you met Leonard Nimoy! I grew up watching the original Star Trek, and the only reboot/off-shoot I’ve watched is TNG. Jean-Luc!!! I haven’t watched Picard but my son has, so maybe I’ll find the time.

    Thank you for sharing so much about you in a creative, fun way!

    • Christine Caldwell says:

      Hi Kay,
      Fellow treker and trekie! 🙂 One of the best nights of my life! It was right after Fringe had finished. Oh you have to watch Picard. I just binged watched it. It was my treat after finishing my summer course (Photo Preservation).
      I saw that we have a presentation to do this semester so I thought I would brush up on my powtoons. I haven’t used it since late fall!
      Thanks for watching and sharing

  3. sarahcollins says:

    This was such a fun way to introduce yourself! Loved the video and loved the community garden- great way to save your sanity 🙂 I like to garden as well and have to try and keep my garden safe from neighbor’s cows and other critters who try to come and eat it!

  4. Christine Caldwell says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for watching. I am stepping up my garden game from succulents to veggies. Wow, sounds like your in a rural area? Luckily our garden is fenced in otherwise the mule deer and rabbits would probably eat everything! I do have a little mouse issue though. They started feeding on my tomatoes and I found a dead one today. YUCK!
    I also just started composting…so far so good.

  5. Joanna Russell Bliss says:

    What a cool way to do your intro! My challenge is that I’m so word-focused, I have difficulty switching to other ways to communicate. I may have to try at least one video blog post to challenge this!

    • Christine Caldwell says:

      Hi @joanna, I TOTALLY get it! I wish I was a better writer. Hopefully the casual nature of this blog format will help us both. Try to think of it as play like Dr. Stephens suggests. -cmc

  6. Hello! My apologies for not seeing your intro until now! Somehow it didn’t come into my Feedly! This was such a fun way to get to know you and see your recent experience – thanks!

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