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During my Hyperlinked learning journey, I made an unexpected online research side-trip to the Library of Alexandria, the famous historic library that held all the world’s knowledge…and then disastrously lost most of it!  I’ve always wondered about it and had this feeling it must have been really sensational. One day recently something made me think of it, and I suddenly wondered exactly what was in that library–and did it have library programming?  It seemed like something fun to look up–I really doubted they had story times or makers clubs–so I was amazed by the answers I found that are so relevant to this course, that I added it to my takeaways for my Virtual Symposium.  I really recommend watching the video I mention in my Symposium, it’s about the most exciting and inspiring modern-day New Model library I have ever seen!

You can see my Virtual Symposium at this link:

(Note: If you have any trouble scrolling down the infographic using the scroll bar, using the scroll wheel on your computer mouse works.)



Above image: “Map of ancient Alexandria. The Mouseion [Library of Alexandria] was located in the royal Broucheion quarter (listed on this map as “Bruchium”) in the central part of the city near the Great Harbor (“Portus Magnus” on the map).” (Wikipedia, 2023).


Wikipedia. (2023). Library of Alexandria. Wikipedia. Library of Alexandria – Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “Virtual Symposium

  1. Hi @cindy ! I was blown away by your exploration of the Library of Alexandria, both in the past and the present. It sounds like such an amazing place and so inspiring! I can’t believe they even had programming. Thanks for teaching me about it.
    Cheers! Nalatie

  2. Hi @Nalatie!
    Thanks so much for looking and for your great comment! I was just blown away, too. Wouldn’t it be fun if this course could be taught in the new library there? Or if we could do internships there?
    Cheers to you, too!

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