Welcome to my new blog Trendy!

Hi everyone, I’m Cindy!  Welcome to my new blog Trendy!

I’m in my fourth term in the MLIS program and have my heart set on public library service.  I’m especially interested in event programming, helping information communities spring up in my local libraries, community building, and outreach, and will likely go into youth services.

I chose this class because I loved Dr. Stephens’ video lectures about information communities in my Information Communities course last Spring.  Everything about the subject matter and potential for transforming a local community’s experience with a public library into a place to be is super exciting to me.

I’m a big fan of the new global trend for “discovery libraries” where the library is a community hub for all kinds of activities including cafes, yoga classes, cooking clubs,  anything!  I am hoping to find in this course even more innovative trends for libraries and how they can better serve and connect their communities in new ways.

Have you spotted a super new trend in your library?  Tell me about it!

Thanks so much for visiting!


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