Final Reflection

I can’t believe this semester has come to an end. The past few months have been a wild rollercoaster for me, but this course was the one thing I could always look forward to. My coworker recommended this course to me and described it as an eye-opening experience. Week after week, the lectures and readings have proven to me that I should really start listening to my coworker! I’ve discovered that there is always more to learn about the services we provide as information professionals. Times are changing, and libraries are gearing up to move right along the rest of the world. The library is built for the people and librarians exist to serve the people. In the words of Professor Stephens, the hyperlinked library is human. We are entering a new world of librarianship that embraces user participation and encourages the human connection between the library and its community.

I hope everyone had a wonderful semester and thank you for making this course a great one! Happy Holidays!

Here’s my library family:

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