Director’s Brief: Digital Literacy for Older Adults

Digital literacy skills has always been an apparent need in my library’s community. When patrons, especially older adults, come to the information desk for help, it’s often for something library staff can’t help with, such as “what is my password?”, or it’s for something library staff do not have the time to help with, such as “how to I post 63 photos of my trip to Facebook?”. At my library, there are no computer classes or technology-related resources for our patrons to try and figure it out themselves. Most patrons would prefer a classroom learning style rather than read pages of PDFs on how to create an email account. was created by the Public Library Association as a training site to assist users in acquiring various digital literacy skills. This Director’s Brief will explain why this could be a useful service for the library’s community.

One thought on “Director’s Brief: Digital Literacy for Older Adults

  1. I really like this idea. We have an older adult population that really needs this type of service. We have a small staff and having DigitalLearn option would help a lot.

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