Reflection: Mobile Devices and Connections

What stood out to me most in the readings and lectures was the word “portable”. This allows the world to be digitally connected at all times, wherever and whenever. There is no need for someone to be at a physical location as “information is no longer bound to a form or place” (Stephens, 2015). The uses for mobile devices have continued to expand and there seems to be a constant presence of these technological advances in libraries.

The idea of roving reference allows librarians to go beyond the reference desk and bring their mobile devices to patrons who may seek help but not want to ask for it. This technology plays a role in building a connection between a librarian and a patron by providing the opportunity for staff to interact with their patrons and help find what they need. Information should never be restricted to the confines of the desk and by allowing reference services to become more accessible, the library has strengthened its connection with the community.

Information is not limited to a physical location and the digital world has given us the ability to access knowledge at our finger tips. Library online services and resources can reach out to a larger audience and provide a platform for life long learning. Since the emerging trend of mobile devices, we are now connected through a portable tool that allows access to information, knowledge and so much more.   


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