Reflection: Mobile Devices and Connections

What stood out to me most in the readings and lectures was the word “portable”. This allows the world to be digitally connected at all times, wherever and whenever. There is no need for someone to be at a physical location as “information is no longer bound to a form or place” (Stephens, 2015). The […]

Emerging Technology Planning: A Guide to e-Readers and Online Services for Older Adults

Introduction: The lectures and readings have demonstrated that many libraries are transitioning from the traditional model to the hyperlinked model of participatory service. The senior community has witnessed and experienced the traditional model and are now learning to adapt to the “new” technology-driven library. There are many senior assisted living communities in the city of […]

Reflection: The Hyperlinked School Library

Education and the way we learn have been transformed with the Web and new technologies connecting us to information and knowledge. In order to embrace these changes and be able to stay relevant to students’ lives, the traditional model of the school library needs to go. Loertscher (2008) compares the school library model to the […]