Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone! I’m Christie and I am excited to be a part of this course. I currently reside in sunny Los Angeles County, California and as much as I love the sun, I can’t wait for the weather to cool down. I work as a full-time library clerk at Placentia Library District. The library is currently under a year-long centennial renovation and scheduled to re-open in a couple of weeks. I never imagined the amount of shifting involved in unpacking and re-shelving the books.

I received my B.S. in Neuroscience from University of California, Riverside and during the last quarter, I realized my passion for public service and love for libraries and decided to go down a different path. Couple days before the application due date, I applied for this MLIS program and I have been enjoying the intriguing content in my courses.

A coworker recommended this course to me and after calling it his “hands down all time favorite grad school course”, I decided to enroll for the Fall semester. I am curious about how technologies affect libraries and how they can have a positive impact on user experience. I am primarily interested in young adult librarianship and how to adapt with emerging trends that change this field.

In my free time, you can find me binge-watching The Office, Parks and Rec or Friends. I love cats and I although I only have one at the moment, I would love to adopt another friend for him in the near future. I am a huge NFL fan and I can’t wait for football season to start. GO EAGLES!

3 thoughts on “Hello Everyone!

  1. Hi Christie, greetings from nearby in La Habra! I’m also ready for the summer heat to ease off a little.
    How do you feel about the Chargers moving up here? I don’t really follow football, but I feel sad for the San Diego fans.

    • Hi Chuck, I’m glad the Chargers moved up here to build a larger fan base, however I do hope their new stadium is finished soon. I can’t wait for the California “winter”. The heat has kicked it up a notch this week.

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