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Virtual Symposium

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Final Reflection

This was a semester unlike any I have experienced thus far. Things I learned last semester connected so much with what I learned this semester, and I had more connections between classes this semester than last. We also are still in the midst of a pandemic that came to a head two or more months ago–and its full effects are still to be seen.

What I have found, though, in between of all this sheltering in place, information and misinformation, and social distancing , is that libraries are here to stay. Sure, many shut down, many remain shut, and some may stay shut for a long while, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important. It seems that everything I learned in this class means all that much more now having seen how all of this has played out. The hyperlinked libraries out there are still making connections. Many libraries have evolved in a short time to become hyperlinked, to make those vital connections with the community. And many other libraries will reflect upon this moment in history and see that they too need to become Library 2.0.

This class has been more than relevant. It has been more than inspirational. It has been like a reawakening. I see libraries differently than before. I see my own library differently. I see potential everywhere, and it makes me excited. I am glad to be moving into this profession, and I am glad that I am doing so at such an interesting time.

The Richmond Public Library could benefit from an increase in participatory services, especially as a means to connect to parts of the community who underutilize the library. To this end, the creation and implementation of a hip hop recording station would grant access to new technologies that Richmond’s youth may not otherwise have the opportunity to interact with. This fun, interactive, and creative service will bring more teens into the library while promoting self-expression and empowerment.

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