Hello everyone!

My name is Christopher Eaton, and this is my second semester at SJSU. I chose this course because I am very much so interested in new and emerging trends in librarianship and because Michael’s lectures from a course I took last semester made me feel like he really has his fingers on the pulse of this topic. I am taking a lot of really cool classes this semester, but I am definitely excited to learn about this concept of the “Hyperlinked Library.” From what I have come across about the future of the Internet in general (notably, the semantic web) and the little I have learned about BIBFRAME (the future of library metadata standards), it seems that an interconnected world of information is exactly the thing for libraries to both be excited about and to be highly involved in. I hope to learn a lot in this class, and I hope it will be a blast!

I have had the good luck to work in a library for the past several years. I was first involved in an adult literacy program, but for the past two years I have worked as a Library Assistant II, the last year of which I have been working a lot with copy cataloging, metadata, and classification. Seeing the work I do, with MARC records serving as a means to connect people to the information they want, and seeing the future with the incoming BIBFRAME standards, I have come to greatly appreciate and enjoy working with metadata. Because of this, it makes absolute sense to me that the concept of the Hyperlinked Library is exactly the sort of thing I can learn a lot from and apply directly to my future career in librarianship. I love the idea of making information as accessible and easy to find as possible, and I love being involved in that process. I feel lucky to be here at this point in time and learning from such a gifted and knowledgeable group of professors.

So let the semester begin! I look forward to reading everyone’s blogs, getting to know you all, and sharing and learning together.