Final reflection

I am so glad that this ended up being my last class at the iSchool. My emphases through my studies have been archives and digital asset management, so very much not focused on direct engagement with the community. I am thankful for a strong outward focus to balance out my perspective.

I have been able to enjoy a few of the symposium entries in the last couple days and I look forward to seeing the rest and responding. I love how this assignment is allowing each of us to express ourselves more individually and present content that connected with us in unique ways.

So thank you @michael and classmates for a wonderful way to finish my program at the iSchool. I know that I am a better librarian/archivist/asset manager because of this experience.

Please stay in touch –

And, as a tribute to the heart of this class, this photo of kindness:

One thought on “Final reflection

  1. Jorge Garcia says:

    Congratulations @cdkoontz! I wish you the best of luck and know that this class will serve you well now and in the future throughout your librarianship.


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