Hello Dr. Stephens and 287 classmates! I’m Chuck, and I am in the final semester of my MLIS. I’ve been married to Faith for 18 years, and we have three boys, ages 15, 13, and 10. I have worked at the Biola University Library & Archives since 2001, and I was recently appointed the Technical Services Manager. I love preservation of books, manuscripts, and other archival items. I also love to find ways to utilize technology to give users the best access and use of content possible.

Unusual things about me – I find Sudoku extremely fun. I play the tuba, I can juggle, and I can ride a unicycle. But not at the same time (disappointing, right? I agree).

My family and I live in La Habra, CA, which is 10 miles north of Disneyland. We have a dog (a “Chug,” Chihuahua-Pug mix), and a cat (Flame-Point Siamese). My mother-in-law lives in an apartment above our house, and she has a Basset Hound. The three pets have a grand ol’ time together.

4 thoughts on “intro

  1. Melina Dabney says:

    Hi Chuck,
    I’ve never met anyone who can ride a unicycle – very impressive! What made you decide to learn how to ride one? Were you ever an entertainer? Just wondering, with all those talents! Good to meet you!

  2. Chuck Koontz says:

    The unicycle has never entertained anyone aside from friends and family. Wait… One time a friend did ask me to ride the unicycle during a music performance he was doing. So my actual performing career on unicycle lasted may be 90 seconds.

    As far as what prompted it, I saw it in a garage sale when I was maybe 12? It looked like a fun challenge. After a bit of struggle and not a small amount of bruising I was able to ride it fairly well. I have tried juggling on it a little bit have been a miserable failure on that front. Maybe someday, after I finish grad school…

    • Melina Dabney says:

      Haha, I see, a one-hit-wonder for the unicycle! 😉 That’s awesome that you just saw it and decided to give it a try! Yes, hopefully after grad school you’ll have more time for fun stuff like juggling on a unicycle! 😀

  3. Hello @cdkoontz! Thanks for sharing the pic of your family pets. How cool they get along! Cheers to the unicycle too – no balance here so I’m in awe of your skills. Welcome to #hyperlib.

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