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Director’s Brief: Student-led Podcasting

To examine the benefits of student-led podcasting as a means of enhancing learning outcomes, increasing engagement, fostering creativity, and building community by providing students with the opportunity to explore podcasting technology for both scholarly and personal endeavors.


  1. Hi Christine,

    I’m pretty new to podcasting. It was only maybe a semester ago that I had heard about podcasts. I never realized how popular they were until I heard from friends who loved listening to them as well. They are diverse platforms indeed! One could use them for entertainment value, communication and educational purposes. There are just so many things we can do with them. Because they are becoming so popular with all age ranges, I think it’s important for libraries to take note of the key pieces of technology that have become so ingrained in today’s society. Go where the people are so to speak!

    It sounds like a great way for students to express their creativity, to improve their learning experience, and get communication out faster. I love the accessibility to podcasts.

    In terms of the potential intimidation, I think it would be great to get a tool kit or at least hold a free workshop on the basics of podcasting. I also never considered how costly a podcast could be so I’m happy to know I learned that you can make a decent podcast kit on a budget which can be great for libraries to do as we know budget is extremely important.


    • Hi Tiffany,

      Thank you for reading my brief!

      I like your idea of holding a workshop to teach the basics of podcasting. One school I looked at used videos embedded in their libguide to demonstrate how to use their equipment. That might be another approach.

      As for podcasting on a budget, I read that some people have used their cell phone to record dialogue/interviews. I have to admit that while I have listened to podcasts, I had no idea what went into producing one until I did this report.

      If you are interested, there is a library podcast called Circulating Ideas hosted by Steve Thomas. He just posted an interview with Michael. You can find it here

      Hope you explore and find some podcasts that you like.


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