Reflection on Reflective Practice

So apparently I need a hobby….

I categorize myself as a very passionate person and the thing I am most passionate about is libraries. They have always been in my life through volunteering or studying and my entire professional career so far has been in either a public or academic library. 

In viewing the lecture on Reflective Practice there was some part (7:20) where the discussion of getting worn out came up. I have been thinking about this quite a bit and trying to figure out in this culture of “always being on brand” how can one quietly step away to recharge?

It is also hard for me to understand the need to step away to recharge when I feel like the work is what gets me charged. When libraries are the happy place, how does one wrestle with the idea of stepping away in order to provide your best self in all aspects of your life? The answer from the lecture was Balance…a word that my passionate self does not understand. 

So I know I need a hobby, and I am sure I will find one. But if I do what I always do when I have a question, my quest will take me back to the place where I have always found the answers…the library. 

But what if…on this zig-zag path called life it is time to turn. To gain a change in perspective. And in this change perhaps new knowledge will be found, new relationships formed, new connections created. And all this brought back to the library, but then spread immediately back out to my community as I continue to teach and connect. As Stacie Ledden (LOVE HER) said, “We find the best trends outside of Libraries”

So….what is out there? A hobby I hope. I need one. 

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  1. @britten I relate so much to this post! My undergraduate degree was in English (literature), my current job is in book publishing, and when people ask me about hobbies my immediate answer (“reading!”) gives me some pause because I feel quite one-note in my interests/passions. This course has been a wonderful reminder of how much more (beyond books) libraries have to offer.
    I was really struck by this part of your post: “When libraries are the happy place, how does one wrestle with the idea of stepping away in order to provide your best self in all aspects of your life?” What a tough question! The more hyperlinked our libraries are, the more their role in our life permeates everything we do. As we find those hobbies and trends outside of libraries, we’ll be inspired and motivated to fold those influences into how our libraries function… But it’s always important to pay attention to burnout and fatigue, and to allow yourself to relax rather than always being “on.” (I can never quite bring myself to sit down and meditate, but I find active meditation–hiking, long walks, yoga–to really help in the recharging process. And, of course, getting lost in a good book is a great way to let the real world around you melt away.)

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