Virtual Symposium

I chose to do a 3-2-1 post.

3 Ah-HA moments

2 Things I want to learn more about

1 Thing I will do now

I wanted to created a video presentation for this project, but I lost my voice on Sunday due to a cold and coughing and have not gotten it back. To be able to get something posted in a timely fashion (and much less squeakiness), I created an infographic instead.

Hint: There are some interactive links to explore!

  1. Hi Britten,
    This was such an engaging infographic! I definitely learned something new from exploring the links. I recently shared a similar experience to yours when my library underwent a renovation. Management and the librarians spent more time focusing on the collection and how to fit the books on the shelves rather than using the time to create engaging spaces for the community. Renovations of library buildings allows the opportunity to re-invent the community space and re-design library services to spark participation. Providing a space (beyond one that stores books) that supports learning, creativity, collaboration and engagement can positively change how the community views and uses the library.

    1. One of the things that really blew my mind with Dokk1 is the timeline from the Space for Change book. The library opened in 2015, but the discussion for the harbor revitalization began in 1998 with discussion of a potential new library in 2001. I want to compare the timeline for my community’s new library. I know we had plans for a new library 10 years prior to it being built, but it got stalled by the recession in 2008. I wonder if the 10 years (mine opened in 2018) was used as intentionally as the redesign process in Aarhus seemed to be. One thing that out new library offered was the space to finally support new programming so there has been a shift in the program offerings and we have seen a huge increase in the usage at our new downtown branch. Have you seen any culture or programming shifts since your library’s renovation?

  2. I loved your infographic! The colors and layout really made your content pop. And I loved that you included the action brief template. I think that focused questions can really help define a project or task to its essentials and make the purpose clearer.
    I wrote my director’s brief about Dokk1 and was so excited to find Space for Change and learn more about design thinking. The timeline blew me away, too; my local public library is starting the discussion about revitalization, and I know it’s going to take YEARS before we have a new library (or more than one). But I hope that it will strive to be more like Dokk1.
    Such a great distillation of our class- well done!

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