1. This Directors Brief is gorgeous and inspiring. I love the four space model and its integration of libraries incorporation into new developments of civic centers. This is something to consider, as more people desire a more central, city-living atmoshphere to live and work in. If we aim to make libraries the “social heart” and also the “living room” of our cities, we can engage with so many more possible patrons.

    1. I loved how the image of a heart came up in multiple examples. I knew I had to narrow it down for the assignment, but in exploring all the different libraries that have been using the four space model, many of them referred to the library as a heart. The ways they describe their libraries really helps move away and break the stereotype of “book warehouses”. In the Stacie Ledden interview, she referred to Anythink as the town square, again going back to the civic heart and place where the entire community goes to meet, learn, and share information and knowledge.

      The heart metaphor also reminds me of the book The Heart of Librarianship 😀

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