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Hey everyone,

My real name is Robert but I go by “Bobby.”

I’m a San Francisco native who loves music, movies, matcha green tea, and rabbits! Pictured below, are my two bunnies Cosmo and Winnie.

I completed my bachelor’s degree here at SJSU. As a lifelong fan of music and movies, naturally, I chose to study Radio/TV/Film. During my time as an undergraduate though, I realized that I also had a passion for helping others, building a sense of community, and teaching.  After graduating from SJSU (and after a few years if working the radio industry), I briefly explored a career in teaching.

But after completing the requirements for a certificate in Child Development and Family Studies at City College of San Francisco, I quickly switched gears after accidentally stumbling upon an online job posting for a librarian position.  At that point, it never had occurred to me to work in a library. But as I read the job description, I thought to myself, “Woking in a library would be the perfect fit for me!”

I dove into the field as quickly as I could (about three years ago). Luckily, there happened to be a “Library Information Technology” certificate program at the same community college I had been attending.  I went through the program right away and really liked all of the classes. I currently work for two public libraries: I work as Library page for a branch in the San Francisco Public Library System and as a Library Assistant for another in San Mateo County (just south of San Francisco).

I love working for public libraries and I definitely plan on staying in this field. I enjoy serving the public, especially those that are undeserved or “at-risk.” I also appreciate the variety of library experience I’m currently gaining. I get to carry out circulation and reference work, as well as help out with programs/ events including hosting storytimes for children and families and conducting “digital literacy” workshops for adults (e.g., Intro to G-mail, Intro to Social Media, iPhone basics, etc.)

I chose this course because it was recommended by another person in the MLIS program and because of it is relevant to me as someone who works at two different public libraries. I look forward to exploring the evolving nature of 21stcentury libraries and figuring out their potential. And more specifically, I look forward to exploring how music can be incorporated in programs and services in public libraries.


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  1. Hello @bobbyleiva24! Thanks for sharing your background. Your digital literacy classes sound cool – perhaps similar to the internet instruction I did way back when. I think your interest in the underserved is important. We need to be sure we are meeting everyone’s needs. I hope you’ll explore these ideas in our class.

    Welcome to #hyperlib!

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