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Greetings all – We have had some issues with some blog themes not displaying comments. Our IT support folks tried looking at all the settings but saw nothing wrong. We discovered when we switched themes on the affected blogs, the commenting system worked. What has probably happened is the theme developer has not updated the theme in a long time.

We suspect that some themes do not work right with the current edition of WordPress. Unfortunately, there are a number of outdated themes on our network. We haven’t been deleting them, because we don’t want to damage existing student sites. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place.If you are having this issue, we would suggest changing your theme. To check, just take a look at one of your posts that has comments. In addition, my current INFO 298 students will be joining the “Tech Support Group” at the Community Site to help out with answering questions. INFO 200 students might also consider tagging Stratos Xanthus @strxan directly.

Here are some themes we have had excellent results with:

Generate Press

Twenty Eleven through Twenty Twenty-One
If you discover this issue with your theme, please let @strxan know what theme you have been using. You can join the WP Tech Support group and share it there:
Kind Regards,
Dr. Michael Stephens & Stratos

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