Webinar: Heart of Librarianship for ALA

Hey all – This is an extra/optional bit for our class but I wanted to share a webinar I did to tie into my book for ALA. I thought of it as I read over your posts because many of you are writing about our core values, serving all users, and inclusive practices.  The slides and links are here:  The Heart of Librarianship  

You will see a lot of our course content for sure and you may notice your professor getting choked up a couple of times. 🙂 This is totally optional but I wanted to share.

The Community Closet “is now open in the basement of CADL Downtown Lansing! To help stock the closet, go to the Downtown Lansing lobby where donation bins are located. We’re accepting hygiene products, plus winter wear like coats and hats.”

As I have mentioned before, this touched me deeply. I want to see more of this.

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