Up North Presentations

Hey all – I just wanted to share what I did in Escanaba, Michigan this week at the Upper Peninsula Region of Library Cooperation “Tech Knowledge Transforms” Annual Meeting. This is just for interest but you will see our course deeply embedded in my talk. The breakout touches on my recent professional learning experiences research too.

Download the keynote session “The Library as Classroom” slides here.

Download the breakout session “Formula for Success” slides here.

Useful Links: Selected Library Journal “Office Hours” columns cited:

Image: Up North lodgings. The neon buzzed just a bit in David Lynch style. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Up North Presentations

  1. Donald

    Thank you for sharing this. I’m still giving a lot of thought this mind-blowing insight from one of the slides!

    “One of the things our grandchildren will find quaintest about us is that we distinguish the digital from the real, the virtual from the real. In the future, that will become literally impossible.” –William Gibson

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