Two Questions on Library Position Applications

Hey all – I was going to mention this in chat but I will post here instead of waiting a week.

@michelle123 wrote:

I am in the last semester of my MLIS degree and just starting to apply for librarian positions. I am finding some of the questions on applications interesting. Here are two:

  1. What do you do to promote diversity in your current position?

  2. What programs are you excited about instituting in this position?

I think this is an important aspect of open positions in libraries. @michelle123 shares some stellar examples in the post and I thought we might share more here to inspire your thinking as each of you get closer to looking for professional positions. I am all about culinary literacy these days in libraries (amongst many other things!) and the concept of promoting wellbeing. I have read a bunch of your posts this weekend and one of you highlighted wellbeing – forgive my fuzzy brain.

Ponder the questions above and share if you’d like.

2 thoughts on “Two Questions on Library Position Applications

  1. Michelle

    @michael Thanks for posting this! Diversity and inclusion in programs and projects are essential for upcoming interviews, and I wonder if you all have experience/ideas. I used the StoryCorps program idea as an interest on one application because it doesn’t have much of a startup cost and can be very inclusive of a whole community.

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