5 thoughts on “To Hyperlinked Folk From Stacie – Civic Saturday

  1. Anita Bowen

    I’m so glad I participated and I signed my mom up as well since she is struggling with staying connected during covid. The coolest part was that Stacie Ledden was the hostess with the mostess. It was great to see her again.
    It was fun, and lively. There was a great rapper, poems read, two breakout sessions to talk about proscribed themes. In one breakout we shared one community that you are part of and what gifts or superpowers you bring to that community. I really liked hearing the others stories. Despite it being really well done with great offerings, I felt like it was a little flat for me. The downside being that I am a stranger to all these people in the AnyThink community. Part of the richness is the possibility that you would run into someone you know on the Zoom or that someone you met at the Civic Saturday would suddenly show up at your local corner store.

    I recommend people check it out. It is definitely something I will put in my toolkit for when I am working at a library. Their program is not something that they made up themselves. It is based on the work of an organization in Seattle called Citizen University.

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