Welcome to Module 15: Virtual Symposium, Course Reflections & Wrap Up

Welcome to the Virtual Symposium!  The very brief module is here.

Symposium Participation:

Please spend some time exploring and commenting on the work of others in the class. Check your course feeds or our activity stream for all the posts OR scan the postings here. 

Action Items:

  • Please submit the URL for your symposium post to Canvas when you are ready!
  • Did you submit your blog URL to Canvas for me to grade reflection blogging?
  • Please fill out SOTES. I appreciate your feedback and participation in SOTEs.
  • Please don’t forget to “take your blog with you” by December 23, 2018.
  • Last deliverables:

I will post about submitting your activity stream for participation in a few days, but for now please enjoy the Symposium. Message me if you need anything!

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