The Library is Not Closed

Greetings all – So much is happening fo fast these days with COVID-19. Many libraries have closed their physical buildings but their virtual offerings remain. Library folk have stepped up to keep the human face of the library visible – online story times, video chats for reference, phone services with library phones transferred to remote staff, etc.

I love this example from Desmond Fish Public Library and all the librarians in their Zoom windows. This is the human face of the library!  Check out the link for a lot more!

Perhaps some of you are working to deliver library services online or you have seen cool examples. Please share here.

10 thoughts on “The Library is Not Closed

  1. Lain K.

    This is so inspiring! I wish SPL did this–while we’ve expanded the number of Overdrive titles that can be checked out, our website no longer has its online chat with the library function up due to the closure. Seeing this Zoom chat makes me wish we had kept the chat and that necessary staff could work it from home so that patrons could still have their questions answered quickly.

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      @lkrikourian I just caught my former employer is doing similar. This is a paste from FB:

      St. Joseph County Public Library
      14 mins ·
      Need help filling out an unemployment form? Have questions about resources? Can’t figure out a new technology or software (that has suddenly become essential to your daily life during quarantine)?

      We can help! Schedule a “face to face” appointment with a Librarian. Fill out this form to get started:

      Appointments will be held in Zoom or Google Hangouts and are a chance to speak with a Librarian in real time.

  2. Jennifer

    My library’s e-library resources are still available (Hoopla, OverDrive, Kanopy, etc.). My favorite thing that my library is doing is story times over Instagram. A librarian does morning and bedtime storytimes and then people can view them during the 24 hours they are available on the library’s Instagram Story. She also posts about the books that she reads (titles and authors). It is a great way for children and families to have access to a wonderful activity like storytime.

  3. Ashley A. Marshall

    I am researching this opportunity for my 204 class specifically on early literacy education like storytimes. Just because the physical library is closed doesn’t mean that librarians can’t reach out virtually. Lots of libraries are doing virtual storytimes like Brooklyn PL and LA County via Facebook or Instagram Live. Surprised my local library in San Francisco isn’t.

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