The Library is Not Closed

Greetings all – Throughout the pandemic, library folk have stepped up to keep the human face of the library visible – online story times, video chats for reference, phone services with library phones transferred to remote staff, etc.

I love this example from Desmond Fish Public Library and all the librarians in their Zoom windows. This is the human face of the library!

So much has changed since I first posted this last semester for #hyperlib. DFPL opened by appointment only on September 29th.

4 thoughts on “The Library is Not Closed

  1. Ashley Loria

    When our library building closed, we made it a point to address the fact that “Our Building is Closed, but We’re OPEN!” with a list of our virtual programming and resources. I think during a time of isolation, it helped people to know that we were still there for them, even though not in a physical sense.

    When the library doors reopened, our director asked that we put out a sign that said, “Welcome back!” but I felt that this wasn’t a good PR move- we were never closed! And it’s important to remind people that the library never left; we’re always here even in the hardest times.

  2. Laura

    It’s always amazing to me when we have patrons come into the library for the first time post-Stay At Home orders to find out that we’ve been open for month (July). We did a pretty good PR campaign to announce the the physical library was open again after only offering delivery and curbside options during the lockdown. I also recall several people who called in during the closure, asking what exactly we did all day without patrons. That led to some PR about behind-the-scenes library work. We even created a little video at the end of our summer reading program that showed what each department did over the summer. It was very popular with our community.

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