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  1. Britten

    I am so bummed I am not going to be able to make it! Here are some questions I have. The list is long, so I added stars to my top questions.

    “The library system used its limited resources to change the perceptions of what a library could be, created a space for ideas and inspiration, and enhanced the quality of life for Adams County residents. In 2009, the Anythink brand of libraries was launched. Anythink had gone from being the worst-funded library system in Colorado to one of the most recognized library brands in the world.” Tell us more of this magic!

    What strategies did the librarians use to help shift the public perception as the library transformed into Anythink and redefined library services for the community?

    What were some of the biggest road bumps in the transition? Anything you thought would be an issue, but ended up being fine?

    **Were there any traditional, beloved library services that were discontinued when Anythink was born?

    The master plan shows a lot of gathering public input during the visioning stage, was it hard to get people to explore non-traditional ideas, or did they run with it? Was there a staff visioning stage as well?

    ***What does a career-centered library that supports workforce development look like?

    Where there any major shifts in policies during the rebranding to Anythink? Behavior, fines, meeting rooms, card requirements?

    What role do partnerships play in the Anythink innovation strategy? What have been some of your favorite community partnerships?

    We have been gathering “hyperlinked library” job descriptions and a few Anythink descriptions have made it in. If the design of the job descriptions was part of the Anythink rebranding, how has that affected recruiting new staff?

    What do you think is the job title and description of the future?

    Can you describe the Innovations and Brand Strategy department and their roles in the strategic vision and new projects for Anythink? Were these all new positions with the rebranding?

    ***If I specifically want your job, what skills do I need to develop? Can you walk us through a day in the life of a Director of Innovations and Brand Strategy? What is the most difficult part of your job? Most challenging? Most fun?

    **How to you manage innovation and spending public dollars? In public libraries I have worked in, there was much care taken in ensuring we knew exactly how public money was spent and that it not be wasted on projects that were not “successful”, is this a concern in your community as well? Is there a tolerance for failure and trying new things?

    **Where do you to to watch library trends and stay innovation and future focused? Who else do you think is nailing it right now?

    Where do you see libraries in 10 years? 20? 50?

    Bonus: favorite fictional librarian?

        1. Britten

          Thank you so much for asking my top questions!! I really enjoyed this conversation—-and am still bummed I missed out. I look forward to further answers. She was an amazing speaker and I really appreciate the opportunity for her to share Anythink and her strategies with us.

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