Please Share Your Thoughts: SOTES

Greetings all. I would appreciate your feedback and participation in Student Opinion of Teaching Effectiveness (SOTEs). It is helpful to me and to our school.

As of this week, the SOTE/SOLATE teaching evaluations are open for students to take.

This semester all courses will be evaluated through MyCoursEval. Please inform your students that they can find the link to MyCoursEval in an e-mail invitation at their preferred e-mail address.

For regular session courses, evaluations will be open through May 12, 2020, please ignore the date listed in my previous email, I apologize for the confusion. For classes with a later ending date, surveys will be open until the day before the last day of instruction. If your students have any problem finding all their available evaluations, they may contact the IEA office.

Thank you!

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