Share Your Thoughts – Wholehearted & Hyperlinked?

@patrice01 asked this in the self care group and I thought it would be cool to boost it up here to the course blog:

What does it mean to you to be Wholehearted & Hyperlinked?

I would be thrilled if you shared your personal thoughts below!!!

4 thoughts on “Share Your Thoughts – Wholehearted & Hyperlinked?

  1. Michelle Rasmuson

    Hello Hyperlinked community, I can’t figure out how to share a photo here, but my local library is hosting A SHOW AND TELL session, which is advertised as “Bring something, say something, maybe make a friend. ” This is such an incredible user defined opportunity to connect with people and share something, anything, meaningful with others! This feels like a very low tech but profound wholehearted and hyperlinked concept.

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