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Hey all – as another way to see everyone’s Inspiration Reports, please share your IR URL here along with a short intro or overview?

I have enjoyed the ones I’ve looked at so far – great work!

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  1. Dario Rios

    My inspiration report is on the benefits of having Zoom as a tool and resource at Ventura County Library. (I don’t work at VCL nor am I a librarian yet.) After a search of several in-state (CA) city and county public libraries’ web sites, I found evidence of how under used, if used at all, virtual reference services are at public libraries. Common tech communication tools like Zoom and Skype are neglected.

    1. Dario Rios

      As a tool, Zoom will help internal communication and provide a platform for online/virtual programming. As a resource, patrons will use it to for general or research assistance. Also, it provides another community conference room to loan to locals.

      Most public libraries I examined, offer VRS mainly in the form of chat. San Diego Public Library is the only PubLib i found that uses video conferencing as a tool. And it is only used for appointments to renew library cards. This is what inspired my proposal type paper.

  2. Will

    Public-Private Library Partnerships in Japan
    Japan is building a new kind of cultural center by combining libraries and bookstores. This model brings in people who prefer to visit bookstores over libraries, and provides library patrons with an easy way to purchase new titles if they wish. This model has successfully shown increases in visits, circulation, and the average length of visits. This public-private partnership allows cities to share the costs of renovation or building new facilities, allowing the city to gain facilities and services that may not have been previously affordable (Anstice, 2019).

    1. Gabrielle Bates

      I would be trapped in there all day, buying all the books. I can see why this works. It’s along the lines of the Barnes & Noble model. They put the cafe in the middle, in hopes to keep you in as long as possible. The longer you stay in, the more likely you are to buy books and other items.

    2. Dario Rios

      Hill Will, I’m not surprise to see a blend of profit and non-profit approach. The Metro Transit Authority (MTA) in LA County has added ride-share (think Lyft) elements to their service. It called MTA Micro. With their app, you can have one of their minivans pick you up at one of the designated bus stations and be dropped off at your door. Empirically, it appears very popular around city/county streets. So, I can see how bookstore/library hybrid has increased the library’s foot traffic.

  3. Christina Perucci

    My Inspiration Report is about using escape rooms in academic libraries to orient students to the available resources. Escape rooms – where groups of people are locked in a room and must solve a series of puzzles to escape within a set time – have become a popular pastime around the world. Over the last decade, university departments have also begun to utilize them as teaching and assessment tools in such fields as nursing, pharmacology, and engineering. Academic libraries offer library escape rooms – blending teambuilding, orientation, and problem solving.

    1. Dario Rios

      This is such a fun and great idea for libraries. Great for team building. And I like how you were explicit that educational libraries should make student success the goal. Boosting student confidence leads to better academic performance.

  4. Bekah Puddington (she/her)

    Here is my Inspiration Report on Burnout & Emotional Wellness in LIS—I created it along the lines of the Infinite Learning theme, with the idea being that it’s a presentation to inspire library directors & supervisors with how to better care for and promote the emotional well-being of their library staff while those same workers face burnout as a systemic issue in LIS.

    1. Gabrielle Bates

      I have a friend who is a drug and alcohol counselor. He recently helped Sony design a mental health program for their musicians. One of his jobs allowed 3 floating mental health days MONTHLY! I was floored. I wish more jobs presented a similar option, even if it was 1 day a month.

    2. Dario Rios

      What I like most about your report, Bekah, is that it points out that stress affects the team disproportionately. It’s something that is not obvious to detect. And people’s identities do bring added pressure. I’ve been on both sides of this.

      As a K-12 student, I rarely approached male librarians at public libraries. They always looked mean or unapproachable. And I was accustomed to seeing only female librarians on campus in elementary, middle and high schools. Not until late high school did I defeat my reluctance to approach male librarians in public libraries.

      For the past 7 years, I have worked as an academic advisor. And for nearly the entirety of the time, I’ve been the only male advisor in our center. My field is female dominated. There were many instances were my female teammates were busy, I was available to see students, but they chose to wait to them to become available. Or notice a reluctance from them to open up. I would be upset thinking about what am I doing wrong. I did make adjustments and eventually the students I was helping were sending me “referrals”. So that source of stress reduced significantly.

  5. Kristen Snyder

    My report is on virtual reality in clinical medical libraries. It has been showing up in academic medical libraries for many of the same reasons as it is useful in regular academic libraries, but whether or not it would be relevant for a clinical medical library was the question. The answer is yes for a few reasons, including that clinical VR use is being explored, so VR may be a huge future for medicine.

  6. Michelle

    Circling back to my “Roadmap for Incorporating Wikipedia to Teach College Participatory-Scholarly Discourse”, the research and blog, I used what librarians at Mt. Sac have done before me and recreated a library Wikipedia Edit-a-thon Event and LibGuide that is ready for SJSU adaption. I intend to spend more time over the summer personalizing the guide for classes that I teach at the University of California, Merced (UCM) with the help of UCM campus librarians. All of this in preparation for planning a collaborative event with the Merced Pride Center. To view my Inspiration Report posted May 9th, please go to the LibGuide:

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