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Please share your Director’s Brief URL here for everyone to explore with a few words to describe your focus. I’m very excited to read them. I will be working on grading all week. Will give you an update when to see grades in Canvas. Because of the extension offer, we’ll see posts throughout the week.

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41 thoughts on “Share Your Director’s Brief Here

  1. Susan Meagher

    Here is my Director’s Brief; I explored global trends in library design and service. I found so many exciting examples that I found it very hard to narrow it down. The following quote from Colorado Chief Librarian John Spears inspired my Brief:

    “While cultural, societal, or structural differences may create circumstances
    in which the applicability of one nation’s response to a problem is not a
    perfect fit for another, the lessons that can be learned from observing and
    studying their actions can still inform the construction of our own solutions
    and lead to a possibly more relevant adaptation.” (Spears, 2017).

    Link to post:

  2. Kimberly

    For my director’s brief, I chose to introduce concepts from Dokk1 to a local library, focusing on the four-space model and design thinking. Instead of using my own library district, which is in the process of building and renovating tons of new buildings, I chose to use a more typical library environment that is trying to improve things while working within an established facility. It can be easy to imagine a new way of doing things when you’re starting over anyway, but most libraries don’t have that opportunity. I wanted to focus on design thinking as a way of continually changing and improving, even when you don’t have the luxury of rebuilding from the ground up.

    1. Loren

      Hi Heather, your brief on how the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County could adopt the Ideas Box is very interesting. I lived in Cincinnati from ages 5-10. Visiting the school library at Fairview Elementary was a formative experience for me. Making library resources available, both print and electronic, in a mobile fashion could be a very cool thing for that community. I think you identified a real need in that the public library system there does not have a mobile service. Bringing an internet connection and the hardware to use it out into communities is an excellent outreach model that more libraries could be looking into. Excellent work!

      1. Heather Osborn

        Hi @lmindell,
        Thanks so much for your kind words! The Ideas Box has really inspired my imagination. And looking at natural disasters like the Camp Fire has really made me aware that having a transportable library set up like this would be so beneficial to a displaced community–the library could literally go to them.

  3. LizKennedy

    Create an all ages mobile Makerspace lab in the Johnson Public Library and launch the initiative on NJ Maker’s Day!
    The lab will allow the large, diverse urban community a space to express their creative aptitudes for free. The new makerspace will provide that collaborative atmosphere. A makerspace “makes the entire institution feel like a social place, full of potentially interesting, challenging, enriching encounters with other people” (Simon, 2010).

  4. Loren

    Hi Tara, you are quite right that lending Wi-Fi hotspots can really help people facing housing insecurity. It is easy to take for grated things like having a connection in ones home or even being able to afford a cup of coffee and sitting in a cafe whenever we choose. It’s great to hear that Seattle is already offing this service. Good luck in getting MCL to adopt!

    Nice job on the graphics and layout too, the document is very visually appealing.

  5. Jeff V

    Hey folks,

    I was struck down by the flu last week so here’s my late entry for my Director’s brief. I’m really keen on Indigenous services right now because I feel they are vitally and intimately related to local history, which is a department I’m currently expending a lot of my professional efforts. I had a lot of fun working on this and I hope you have a lot of fun reading it:

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