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Please share your Director’s Brief URL here for everyone to explore with a few words to describe your focus. I’m very excited to read them. I will be working on grading all week. Will give you an update when to see grades in Canvas. Because of the extension offer, we’ll see posts throughout the week.

Be sure to submit your post URL to Canvas!

31 thoughts on “Share Your Director’s Brief Here

  1. Liz Olson

    Hi everyone, here is the link to my Director’s Brief:

    I did my Brief on the CUNY Academic Commons. Here are the first two paragraphs of my introduction for some background:
    The CUNY Academic Commons project was started in 2009 and has been steadily growing in its members and content creation over the past decade. What started as a digital repository to post student, staff, and faculty papers, has evolved into a thriving academic social network that connects members across 23 campuses in New York.

    The service incorporates Library 2.0 aspects such as Participatory Design, open-access sharing of resources, content creation by and for its members, unlimited space for discussions, course notes, and research ideas, active, customize-able  blogging features, as well as the option to create and share digital archival exhibits.


  2. Britt Liukkonen

    In my Director’s Brief, I focused on a global trend of memory labs and the use of technology to bring the digitization efforts to the community-at-large in order to preserve community memory and strengthen community bonds. I also incorporate the global insights into a possible program for the Erie County Public Library.

  3. Britten

    My brief discusses how the four space-model influences library design, increases participatory library services, and positions the public library to be key contributor to urban development. I made a hypothetical situation for the brief. I pretended my city was about to start the process to design and build a new branch (not true) in our riverfront area that is currently going through an urban revitalization plan (this part is true). In reality Wichita just built a new downtown library near the waterfront area, but I wish we had gone through a similar process the libraries in my brief followed. It feels a bit like a missed golden opportunity, but our new library has been well received.

    I hope you enjoy my brief!

  4. Patrick Maguire

    I hope you’ll take a moment to read my director’s brief project on libraries and homelessness. It canvasses how we can become a resource hub for our neighbors experiencing homelessness. It was hard, but I had to pick just a few practical ideas in order to stay within the project length guidelines. Really it’s such a broad conversation. The articles I reviewed as part of the creation process for this project were very encouraging and reminded me again why this is such a special profession to be a part of!

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