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Please share your Director’s Brief URL here for everyone to explore with a few words to describe your focus. I’m very excited to read them. I will be working on grading all week. Will give you an update when to see grades in Canvas. Because of the extension offer, we’ll see posts throughout the week.

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24 thoughts on “Share Your Director’s Brief Here

  1. Kelly Miller

    For my director’s brief I wanted to put together a proposal that I could also use for my elementary school. I focused on creating a participatory afterschool “Tech Club” program that would be held in the library that focuses on technology and electronics. We are a rural school so some students will never get the opportunity to have hands-on experience with electronics. Having an afterschool program like this will help to engage their interests and open them up to new experiences.

  2. Librarian of Late

    Hi All,
    The audience for my Director’s Brief is the Director of the Lansing Community Library (LCL) and the Board of Trustees. LCL is a small rural library with limited space, staff, and finances. Up until now, LCL has not has not acquired any significant pieces of makerspace technology-related equipment. The Director’s Brief is my attempt to make the case for the purchase of a mini 3D Printer for use by anyone in the community. I consider this “gateway tech” for LCL – an ideal way to get the staff and the administration comfortable with providing the public with access to this type of technology, before we pursue creating a more full-fledged makerspace.
    I hope this Director’s Brief convinces you of the value and importance of providing the members of the Lansing community access to cutting-edge technology such as a 3D Printer.

    Here us the url for the Brief located on my blog:

  3. Eileen Wu

    For my assignment, I introduce to the Director, the emerging technology of robots. Robots are a participatory service which offer a variety of services to users. Robots can shelve books, check out books, procure books from the stacks, answer reference questions, clean, giving therapy, and entertain. Robots are affecting the world, and therefore, incorporating them into library environments will keep libraries on the cutting edge of technology.

    Here is the url:

  4. Haley Mizushima

    For the Director’s Brief, I chose to focus on the Danish concept of hygge. I discuss several ways in which the trend can be incorporated into academic librarianship to create a warmer and more welcoming environment for students, to build community, and to shift the focus from the university’s prestige back to the students’ needs.

    Here’s the link to my blog post:

    I hope you enjoy!

  5. Arwen O'Reilly Griffith

    I’ve continued digging deeper into the idea of kitchens and gardens in public libraries. This trend has been around for a number of years, but given how we’ve seen people making sourdough at home and taking up gardening during the pandemic, I think it’s only going to increase in meaning and impact. Public libraries are really well placed to use them to bring these important “life skill” literacies into people’s lives; I also think they’re incredible community builders.

    Here’s my brief:

  6. Elizabeth Ramirez Segura

    For my Director’s Brief, I decided to focus on digital storytelling. In today’s world, we share our happiness and sorrow through social media. Without knowing it, we have created a digital book of our lives. Using YouTube, I am encouraging the Sacramento Public library to create digital stories of library users to help promote the diverse communities they serve and create an archive of community oral histories.

    Read my brief here:

  7. Trilby

    Objective: To introduce new interactive exhibit enhancements at the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix, Arizona. This report provides MIM leadership with an overview of how Augmented Reality (AR) can enhance museum exhibits and visitor experiences. Augmented Reality is an emerging technology used in museums worldwide. The technology provides a unique opportunity to create enhanced visitor experiences allowing museum guests to connect and participate with objects on display.

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