Share Your Context Book URL Here!

It’s exciting to watch your first major assignments appear in the course activity stream. Over the next few days we’ll see more Context Book Reports go up. For fun (and I know you are using the OPML),  please share your report URL in a comment on this post and a “twitter-like” short sentence about your major takeaway. This makes it very easy for your colleagues to discover your work and make comments.

I look forward to reading them!

NOTE: Be sure to submit your URL to Canvas too for grading!

38 thoughts on “Share Your Context Book URL Here!

      1. Sarah Hansen

        Glad it wasn’t me. I missed the tweet-like portion of your request so here it is:
        We can all create social infrastructure through simple but intentional actions that make life better in ways we may not always anticipate.

  1. Amanda Carey

    Mimi Ito and her colleagues discuss how young people are learning from and using new media in their book: “Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out”. The case studies in this book are wonderful insights into the creative minds of teenagers as they are growing up in a world filled with technology.

  2. Karah Iansito

    Eric Klinenberg’s “Palaces for the People” is a fantastic read about the power of social infrastructure–essentially shared public spaces and the connections and community they foster–to transform lives for the better. Klinenberg is a sociologist at NYU, and I am so glad there are people talking about these great ideas. My post is here:

    (I posted this to Canvas, and somehow did not post it on our site. Apologies! )

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