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  1. Liz Olson

    Hi everyone, here is the link to my Emerging Technologies post:

    And my action brief statements:
    For students:
    Convince students that by contributing to and/or listening to the podcast episodes, they will learn more about the campus culture, events, clubs, and library services, which will create an environment of openness, inclusiveness, and diversity because the library stands as a safe space to host discussions like these.

    For staff:
    Convince faculty and library staff that by using the podcast to share stories, research, and library news they will create a service that has the potential to reach thousands of its community members, which will create and foster curiosity and generate interest in the library because libraries are meant to connect its patrons to each other and to its resources.

    Have a nice weekend everyone!

  2. Toni

    Here is the link to my planning assignment:

    Action Brief Statements
    For library Administrators and Library Foundation
    Convince stakeholders that by buying robotics kits they will inspire youth to learn new skills which will impact and influence the future lives of youth because they need positive experiences that will enrich their future and prepare them to be successful adults.

    For Patrons (Students)
    Convince middle school students that participating in the robotics program they will have fun and learn new skills which will impact and influence their future because they need to expand their knowledge base which will enrich their future and prepare them to be successful adults.
    Kind Regards,

  3. Alice Roy

    My link:

    For the Library Director/Library staff:
    Convince the Humboldt County Library Director that by providing lunch services for kids in need they will encourage more community participation which will help grow the community’s knowledge of our library because more children and their parents will be coming to the library for lunch and other activities.

    For parents:
    Convince parents that by bringing their children in for free lunches they will help their children’s minds and body grow which will help them focus better and get through the summer because they won’t be worried about being hungry for one meal out of the day.

  4. James L

    My Link:

    For Staff: Convince staff and library administration that by using open+ systems to increase the amount of time the library is open each day that the library can save costs on staffing and make use of the resources the library already pays for in a way that keeps secure areas of the library uncompromised.

    For Patrons: Convince commuters and other library users that using the library is possible no matter what schedule you are working with and that the resources the library provides are for everyone.

  5. Britt Liukkonen

    Hi everyone!

    I decided to couple my county’s love for genealogy with a media lab to have them create their own historical artifacts by recording interviews and storytelling and editing those into podcasts to be shared and archived on the library’s social media (and in the genealogy department)! Hopefully, this will get older and younger generations interested in working together and learning new tech skills and about their cultural history, all while getting to know the people in their community.

    Here is the link:

  6. Cristin Marie

    My Link:

    Capitalizing on the increased access to high-speed Internet in rural communities, I propose to invest in a self-service laptop kiosk, which would house 12 laptops that could be checked out for free and used at a rural library in California. Having a new laptop kiosk would triple the number of computer sessions and offer extended times on all computers. Additionally, having more self-service computers available would allow librarians to offer more digital literacy and computing classes to patrons, many who are getting online for the first time and overwhelmed by the new digital landscape.

  7. Jorge Garcia

    My Link:
    Action Brief Statement:

    For patrons:

    Convince the Spanish speaking community that by attending our Spanish technology classes they will learn the necessary skills to be successful during present and future times. They will acquire an important understanding of new technologies that are crucial in the job market, education, and civic engagement.

    For staff:

    Convince staff that by offering these much-needed classes we are creating an inclusive environment for a diverse population that is at a disadvantage in terms of technology. These classes will encourage civic engagement helping build a stronger community.

  8. Danny Le

    My link:

    Action Brief Statement:

    For Patrons (All-ages)

    Convince our ethnic, racial, gender, and generationally diverse patron population that by obtaining these digitization resources they will be able to preserve their memories and personal effects for themselves and their inheritors. By teaching our patrons how to use these emergent technologies we are aiding in their technical competency as well as inviting them to share their personal narratives and knowledge with other patrons and our library staff, thus building stronger communal ties within the surrounding locale.

    For Staff:

    Convince our library staff, civic administrators, and library partners/supporters that by offering these technological tools to the public they will help to build a stronger, more capable citizenry around different technology. The public will view the library as an invaluable resource that helps to supplement the vanishing digitization services that are being phased out by big-box institutions around the nation.

  9. Patrick Maguire

    Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great week! Have a look at my thoughts on training older adults to effectively use e-reader hardware and software:

    Action Brief Statement:

    Convince older patrons that they will be able to successfully use e-book hardware and software after attending library-sponsored training sessions.

    Convince library staff that training patrons on e-book software is a critical part of the library mission and referring patrons to this training program will greatly benefit the patrons’ experience.

  10. Jacqueline

    blog post:

    Action Brief Statements:
    For Users: To convince the public of Jackson County, Oregon, but especially those with low digital literacy skills, that by using the TechBus they will learn alternative methods to checking out print materials at the library, which will both allow them more access to information and increase their confidence about their ability to utilize digital materials because the small-group setting will make it easy for patrons to engage with the services, which fits in with the library’s vision of creating a place of free lifelong learning.

    For Staff: Convince staff that through teaching tech literacy on the TechBus, they will be helping to fulfil the library’s mission, creating a safe place for patrons not comfortable with technology to ask questions without fear of judgement, and increase awareness of the multitude of digital services provided by the library, many of which go unnoticed by library patrons. Better awareness will create better visibility, and therefore the potential for better funding, for the library.

    Have a good night everyone!

  11. Robert Leiva

    Here is the link to my planning assignment:

    Below are my action brief statements. They are for for a plan to implement a musical instrument lending program at an actual public library that I work for.

    Action Brief Statement

    For Patrons:

    To convince patrons in South San Francisco with limited financial resources that by visiting the library they will be able to loan musical instruments free of charge, which will allow them to pursue musical endeavors. This is important because this type of educational/recreational opportunity might not otherwise be possible.

    For staff

    To convince administrators and other library staff that by implementing a musical instrument lending program, they will give the community access to a resource free of cost which will help reduce the barrier to musical opportunities. This is important because free music education programs continue to dwindle and music instruments are too costly for some. The program would support the library’s mission of meeting the informational, educational and recreational needs of our multicultural community.

  12. Vincente Gutierrez

    Link to my assignment:

    Action brief statements:
    For students:

    Convince distance learners at Bakersfield College that by participating the improved library distance education services and instruction that they will develop and hone their research skills and gain information about library resources, which will provide them with both academic and lifelong benefits in their academic and future careers.

    For staff:
    Convince library staff that adopting these expansive services and incorporating technology will help them reach all enrolled students which will demonstrate the library’s resources to these students and increase the value of the library to students, faculty, and administrators.

  13. Sarah Ayers

    Planning for a Special Collections Makerspace:

    Action brief statement:
    Convince Book Artists that by using the book arts workshop they will contribute to their own art practice integrated with book arts history and traditions which will enrich understanding and research of book arts practice because the creation process will be demystified and kept alive.

  14. Jeff Gibson

    PPL’s Innovation Studio

    Action Brief Statements:
    For the public:
    Convince potential users that by participating creatively in the library’s new Innovation Studio they will discover new technology skills which will connect them with new techonology opportunities because technology skills and creativity are what drive the Silicon Valley.

    For Library and Recreation Department administrators:
    Convince Library and Recreation Department administrators that by repurposing the Tulancingo Meeting Room into a technology and innovation studio they will draw new users and develop community partnerships which will broaden the library’s reach into the community because half of our community does not currently see the library as a valuable resource that offers technology skill-building resources.

  15. Nikki

    My link:

    Action Brief Statement
    Convince sports/movie/television/music fans, activists, storytellers, and entrepreneurs (young, old, and in between) that by borrowing Podcast Kits they will create and share their points of view or experiences in their virtual community (research, storytelling, activism, sports, fandoms, news, art, music, etc.) which will add their voice to conversations that are important to them because MCL is about empowering communities to learn, create, have fun, and understand their world (Multnomah County Library, n.d.).

  16. Sharon Vigil

    Digital Literacy Learning Center

    Action Brief Statement:
    Convince users of the Fairfield Civic Center Library that by learning new digital skills they will acquire fundamental digital and online knowledge which will help them achieve their lifelong goals because they will become more competent with technology as a result of using services and resources provided by the library.

  17. Britten

    Convince busy, working students and administration that by utilizing self-service extended library hours students will have access to computers, WiFi, and quiet study space during times that fit with their schedule which will help them complete their coursework and reduce technology barriers to improve academic success and retention because the Branchview Tech library recognizes that all not all students have access to technology at home and no matter their home/work schedules, deserve access to free, on-campus resources that will support their academic achievement.

  18. Kristin Emmons

    My link:

    Action Brief Statement:

    For students:
    Convince students that by coming to the library to learn various basic life skills they will be better prepared for life after high school which will enable them to succeed academically, professionally, economically, and socially because they will have some practice with these foundational skills.

    For staff, administration, & other members of the community:
    Convince staff, administration, and outside members of the community that by providing students with the opportunity to learn a variety of life skills not addressed in the school curriculum they will better fill the gaps in the students’ education which will better prepare them for life after high school because the school’s goal is for the students to be successful members of community in every aspect of their lives.

  19. Melina Dabney

    Action brief Statement:
    This new Culinary Literacy initiative will convince adult learners that by attending cooking classes at the library they will contribute to their own personal literacy goals (cultural, culinary, language-based, or otherwise) which will empower adult learners to learn a variety of competencies through the fun vehicle of cooking because having a variety of literacy skills can transform the lives of our library patrons.

  20. Chuck Koontz

    My plan: Crowd-Sourced Archival Photo Description

    Convince library leadership, faculty, and staff
    that by engaging the Biola community in describing our archival photographs
    they will have archival holdings with better descriptions and a more highly engaged community
    which will raise the quality of our archival holdings, deepen community connection with institutional history, and raise the public opinion of the library and archives
    because we have great content that needs description and people get excited about old photos.

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