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  1. Sarah Hansen

    Here’s my plan on using Instagram to increase teen user engagement:

    I have two action brief statements because my school does not have a social media policy/presence and does not currently plan on implementing any. I have to convince admin that this is a good idea and users to use it.

    Administration –
    Convince Riverdale High School administration that by creating an RHS library Instagram account, they will improve communication and engagement with students which will increase library use because users will be both more aware of and more involved with the library’s services.

    Library Users –
    Convince RHS library users that by engaging with the RHS Instagram account, they will be more connected to the school library which will help them access and create helpful services because they’ll not only know what’s available, they’ll have an opportunity to contribute.

  2. Lisa Semenza

    Action Brief Statements:

    For the Library Board of Trustees
    Convince the Hazard Library Association Board of Trustees that by replacing the desktop computers with laptop computers they will be able to provide additional work space to their patrons which will better meet the needs of the community because it will increase the usable space within the library and still provide the members with quality computer and internet access.

    For the Users of Hazard Library Association
    Convince the Users of Hazard Library Association that by replacing the desktop computers with laptop computers they will have greater access to work space within the library which will better meet their needs because it will increase the usable space available to them within the library while still providing them with quality computer and internet access for which assistance will be provided as needed.

  3. Heather Canfield

    Convince students and faculty of the Early Childhood and Reading Department that by using the Curriculum Materials space and tools at the Baron-Forness Library they will be able to enhance their lessons with thought out and well-constructed materials which will better meet their lesson objectives because they had the tools, and space required to be creative, and the ability to collaborate with fellow students.

    1. Karah Iansito

      Edited to include “Instagram” so that the statement reads:

      Convince students and the wider school community that by engaging with the school library Instagram they will connect with and contribute to happenings at the library which will enrich their school library experience because libraries are for and about people.

  4. Silva White

    Convince the blind/visually impaired patrons that by participating in recording sessions where they tell their personal stories via interviews they will allow members from their community, even worldwide, to hear personal stories which will inspire and encourage members of the community beyond the books and other media they consume because focusing on the blind/visually impaired community’s stories will reflect both personal and communal experiences that they can relate to and be touched by.

  5. Kim Chu

    Convince patrons with digital devices that by utilizing the mobile app, Libby, they will be able to increase their digital literacy as well as understand the range of E-resources available through their library card which will give them more options to a wider variety of materials in a format that is best suited for their use because the library is dedicated to patrons’ rights to accessibility of information in all mediums and contexts.

  6. Fairooz Faggouseh

    Convince the public library staff and relevant stakeholders that by implementing a user-centric interactive visual application integrated with the library’s catalog, they will reinforce accessibility and community building as the heart of the library’s mission and vision which will improve usage circulation statistics and encourage participatory patron behavior because of the immense visibility of the life of the collection.

  7. Lauren Abel

    Action Brief Statements

    For Patrons: I plan to convince persons of Orange County, California of the value of public library services and technologies by bringing the services and technologies to their local branches or community events. Doing so will make OC Public Libraries more transparent and accessible.

    For Library Administration: I plan to convince the head librarian and board of supervisors that by investing in a Maker Mobile fleet, OC Public Libraries will extend its reach into communities that may not be familiar with the latest library services and technology, and to connect with disengaged library users. Both actions will demonstrate the value the public library brings to a community and result in greater use of library services, greater attendance at library events, an increase in new library card users, and an increase in material circulation.

  8. KristinS

    Woops I’m behind

    Convince elementary aged children that by utilizing our augmented reality wayfinding app they will discover exactly the book they need and want, which will foster interest and motivation in learning and greater trust in library services, because children learn better when they are passionate about what they read and enjoy the library more when they find materials that excite them.

    Convince library management that by developing an augmented reality wayfinding application for children they will see an increase in engagement with library materials, which will increase literacy scores in the local area because children lack the cognitive development to successfully search for topics relevant to their interests, which is critical to engage them in literacy practices

  9. Greta Snyder

    Joy Lab

    I have several action brief statements; here are 2 favorites:)

    For Patrons:
    Convince bored and frustrated teens and young adults that the library offers opportunities to learn new skills, and that by networking with the library for creative ideas and career experiences they will enjoy their summer more and improve their future, which will encourage the utilization and promotion of library services by teens because Lacey public library is not lame or useless, it is a cool place to socialize, learn, gain skills and be seen.

    For Library Staff:
    Convince teens/young adults, parents, and seniors that by coming to the library this summer they will: have fun and learn which will: encourage key demographics of the community to come to the library more often because Lacey public library is super cool, loves its’ community and is full of unlimited joy just waiting to be discovered.

    Thanks! Looking forward to reading everyone’s plans.

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