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Hey all! I am LOVING your plans that have come in so far.

Please share the URL for your assignment here for those students who would like to browse throughout them beyond our activity feed and feed readers. Perhaps include your Action Brief as a means to share your focus?

Thanks for your hard work!


10 thoughts on “Share Your Planning Assignment Here

  1. Angie Won

    Action Brief Statements
    For patrons:
    Convince teenagers that by participating in “23 Things—Teen Voices” they will develop interesting and relevant digital literacy skills which will empower them to use their own voices to tell their own stories because they matter.

    For staff:
    Convince library staff and administrators that by creating and running “23 Things—Teen Voices” they will be helping teenagers develop their digital literacy skills which will encourage the teens to use their voices and share their stories for good because teens are the future leaders of the world and we need to invest in them now.

  2. Julie McPherson

    The Listening Lobby

    Action Statement:
    Blueberry Public Library will: CONVINCE Pleasant Hillians, both library users & nonusers, THAT BY engaging regularly with our interactive “listening lobby” in our library, out in the community & on social media THEY WILL co-create library services & programs WHICH WILL truly meet their needs in indispensable ways BECAUSE our library’s mission is grounded in collaboration to connect users to information, ideas & each other.

  3. Ruth Headley

    Action Statement:
    Convince the patrons of the Newberg Public Library that by utilizing and learning about the library’s preloaded eReaders they will gain valuable knowledge and skills which will enable them to read books they are seeking in different formats and broaden their relationship with technology because a good relationship with technology helps keep minds sharp and creates opportunities to engage with life in a variety of ways as technology changes throughout the years.

  4. Lisa Derlighter

    Create a mobile library – with a book bike! I used this project to write up a ten step plan on how to bring books to the people, as opposed to relying on people coming to the books. My project also touches on how this is a cost-efficient way to create a new library branch that is accessible to all, while also informing the community about all of the fun stuff going on at the actual physical branch:

  5. E

    Pop-Up Adventure Playground

    Convince children and their caregivers that by attending SAPL’s Pop-Up Play event they will experience and learn about free-play which will give children the opportunity to play in an unstructured way that is vital to their well-being and development because SAPL supports life-long learning, health, growth, and economic opportunity for the citizens of our community.

  6. Madison Malear

    Archival Learning and Community Building

    Convince learners of all ages that by participating in a 3D historic experience of the town they will have a more connected view of the history of their home which will result in memorable learning and community connection because they will be experiencing their town in detail during different periods, gaining a deeper understanding of the growth of a community, the history of local landmarks or locations, and the realities of European settlement on Native lands.

  7. Evelyn Ransom Kessler

    We will convince the Mendocino County Library Advisory Board (LAB) that:
    • by creating a mobile memory lab;
    • they will help people learn to use digitization technology;
    • which will allow them to preserve their memories in digital format
    • because a high percentage of this community is from pre-digital generations and owns a lot of paper photos and pre-digital media.

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