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  1. Jason Yearick

    @michael I suppose I’m naive, but before I got into this MLIS program, I thought the days of banning books were mainly behind us. I thought we had come further along as a culture. I thought we recognized diversity as something good. Although I might not always agree with everyone else’s viewpoints, it’s vital to function as a society that all views have a place for expression.

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      @jasony I agree with you – I was naive too. Things changed in 2016 or so when some folks started using derogatory speech and such to pushback and scare people. not to be political…but you know. It’s spiraled since then and I never ever thought it could be like this. ☹️

  2. Priscilla

    This is so scary to think that we are still banning books to this day. I thought it was the year 2023, when did some members of society start moving backwards in time? That was a purely sarcastic question, but it still makes me sad, angry, disappointed, and all other feelings of negative-ness with how society is moving. It’s one thing to go back in time in with fashion styles, but a whole other nonsense to go backwards in values and beliefs.

  3. Karl Holub

    Scarier than the bannings themselves are the news stories I’ve read/listened to about library and school employees being harrassed and threatened for making resources available, some even being forced to quit. It makes me wish I had the time and resources to organize guerilla librarian roadtrips, driving to the most backwards corners of the country and surreptitiously leaving banned books all over the place for people to take.

  4. Kris Jayme Matas

    I see the lists of books that have been banned and see so many that shaped me as a person, my understanding of the world and history, and I am terrified to think what a generation without these tools would look like. That’s exactly why they want them banned. It makes me so angry.

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