Presentation at Public Library Association: Finding Joy

Hey all – I hope you had a good break!

Our session at PLA went well! We think we had almost 1000 people in the room. Here’s the blurb:

Finding Joy: Library as Space for Playful Learning and Creativity

We keep returning to the idea of “taking care” as we move into a post-pandemic world. We have been taking care of ourselves, our families and friends, and others in the world. Now we return to tending to the needs of our users: offering a safe space for every person who comes through our doors to learn and grow, designing welcoming spaces for folks to come together to collaborate and exchange ideas, creating thriving digital communities, and providing participatory services to promote learning and well-being. What we want for everyone we serve is Joy.

This participatory session, focused on Library as Space for Playful Learning and Creativity, will be all about finding ways to instill joy in folks as they return to our libraries and cultural institutions. Participants will engage around creating joyful adventures focused on: Learning  / Experience / Story

We gathered ideas from the group on sticky notes. Stacie created a document for us and also shared the slides:


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