Please add these feeds to your Feedly (or other reader)

Hey all – please add these feeds to your reader:


Course Blog:

The course blog may be having some issue with generating the feeds. I have added it to my Feedly but it is not updating. Maybe publishing this post will kickstart it.

How are your feed readers working out so far?

Image: Sunset this past Friday

12 thoughts on “Please add these feeds to your Feedly (or other reader)

  1. diana

    @michael thanks for the session and recording! I am really out of it today and completely missed it even though I was available. 🙁 Just listened and watched, and it was really helpful. Hope you are cozy inside today and snuggling up with Cooper.

  2. Greta Snyder

    New to Feedly and really loving it as a way to catch up on conversations and online action – like a highlight reel! I also love the feature of being able to immediately copy the URL/link and then join in:) Beautiful Sunset!

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