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Hey all – packing up to head to Escanaba by way of something called “the Tunnel of Trees” today but I just got notification from our site that some of the Pew links in this week’s module have gone bad. I am hoping it’s just something with Pew’s server so let’s date a bit and see if they come back.

Also, for those of you using a feed reader is the main feed for our course site class blog updating for you? Mine is not. 🙁

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  1. Donald

    @michael Awesome!
    Here’s what I see when I log on to the Feedly website: I first see a list of the individual webpages for everyone in the class, categorized alphabetically, and then I click on those to see the latest individual blog posts themselves. BUT, I also notice that one of the feeds when I first log in is labelled “INFO 287 — The Hyperlinked Library, Site-Wide Activity.” When I click on that, I am able to see ALL activity–blog posts, individual comments, etc., displayed in chronological form by day (Today, Yesterday, and so on). I’ve found both ways useful to track activity. I’m brand new to Feedly and still getting the hang of things, but this is what I have found so far.

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      @cbrightwell Yes, video embeds may not come through the feed. It’s best to check through to experience the full formatting of each post. Feedly helps us keep track of when posts go up, It’s especially useful for current awareness with blog. You can choose which you want to click through to read.

          1. Christy Brightwell

            @michael I just looked at my feed on the reader and I noticed a glitch. I have made a couple of corrections to typos that are not updated on the feed and the reader lists one of my posts as untitled when I do have a title on the blog site.

  2. Kimberly

    I thought my Feedly feed was doing fine, but I’ve recently noticed it’s showing only 1 of my 3 posts. Now that I’m looking for that, it’s only showing me 1 or 2 posts for many of my classmates as well, while some have 3 or more. Since I think we should all be at least 3 since the feed was set up, it may not be catching everyone’s posts for me. (Using Feedly primarily through the iOS app.)

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      @kcole I use the iOS app too. I just checked my phone and I see you have 1 post unread by me. Here’s what I posted in the help group:

      Hello! I have one post for you because I have seen the others. Feedly rolls off posts you have clicked on or read. Do you think that is what you are observing? In Feedly, there is also an option to “Keep Unread” in the post view for a feed. I do that sometimes so I do not lose track of student work. let me know. We can troubleshoot is something else is amiss

      1. Kimberly

        I think that’s the explanation. Since I read from both the website, the Feedly app, and the active feed without always directly visiting each website, it’s only making them go away sometimes, so I hadn’t realized that’s what was happening. That will make it much easier to manage now that I understand what it’s doing.

        Is there a way to make the today feed show only posts, not comments? I’d really love to see what’s new in one place, but it’s so hard to find the actual posts under all the comment activity. I love being able to participate from my iPad, but I’m finding Feedly a little frustrating.

        Thanks for your help identifying the problem.

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