OPML Issues & Please Add Tess if not in your list!

Hey all – I heard from @tess as well that she is not in my Feedly. Please add her if you do not see her in yours:


Tess reported that @taylor was in her lineup…anyone else?

Everyone – I should have commenting on your first reflection blog posts – if you did not get a comment, message me.

@tess – Sincere apologies!

Image: Dogs int the surf

6 thoughts on “OPML Issues & Please Add Tess if not in your list!

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      @rachelfleming a super good friend of ours is actually going to move into the house with them for the 10 days we are gone. He was just here and we did the tour and all the ins and outs of the house. We also took the boys up to the nature preserve and let them run and play ball. I have not been away from them since they came to us on June 18. I may be basket case on Thursday.

      1. Rachel

        @michael that makes me so happy to hear. It’s always easiest on doggos if they get to maintain their routine and home life while you’re gone. That’s so great you’re friend can stay with them! Every time I travel without my dogs whoever stays with them sends me daily text pictures and I gobbled them up and look forward to those texts like the crazy dog mom I am.

        1. Michael Stephens Post author

          @rachelfleming Yes to daily texts and pictures. In 2018 I spent a month in Australia as a visiting professor and Cooper the Labrador was home with a dog sitter and she sent me a little stories every day of his adventures. It was so helpful. So now I’m realizing in about 24 hours I will be in Chicago waiting to get on the big plane and I really will be missing my boys.

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