8 thoughts on “One More CYOA: Power of Stories

  1. Kathleen Erickson

    @Michael I was thinking about why it is so powerful: intense, intimate, authentic, transparent–and I realized what it reminded me of: 12-Step Programs, where conversations are just not the weather/real estate/economy conversations you hear on the street. If you do a storytelling module, be prepared for some great 12-step stories!

  2. Jenell

    I once interviewed my mom for a history class. To hear her stories was an amazing experience, one I will never forget. Because of that experience, this became another of my passions, and I think it’s a great addition to the Hyperlinked library. You ask kids how their day was, and they shrug and say “Ok” or “Nothing happened”. You ask adults, and you get about the same thing, with maybe a little more detail “I had a rough day” or “Long, but I had a good lunch!”. You start to think that people don’t have stories and, sadly, maybe they don’t. But once you start looking at the world, and your experience in it, as storied, it starts to come alive. Little things become magic and noteworthy. We all have stories; our lives are nuanced and important. Yes. 🙂

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